Mashable gives Headaches to Drupal

Open Source Community was the first place I saw mentioning an error in a post at regarding Drupal 6. OSC's article is Mashable Blunders, Cleans it up, and Moves on!

I was just looking through my Google Alerts and noticed some uninformed blogger was running with these headlines today: Acquia Releases Drupal Version Six and the article contained this line: "Drupal is the content management system maker most recently in the news last December for raising $7 million."

Normally, I would ignore such nonsense since I have come to terms with the fact that there is nothing more freely available on the Internet than pure ignorance.

The post in question has since been corrected to the headline of Drupal Version Six Released and give credit back to As you read in the comments, Acquia's Jeff Whatcott was also quick to make sure credit went to and not Acquia. It's not in anybody's interest for any one company to take full credit of an open source community driven product and most observers of Drupal are aware that Acquia has placed a lot of effort in assuring the community that's not what they're about.

Amy Stephen's point at OSC is that in the world of RSS feeds and mashable content...blunders in posts never really die. Bloggers need to be just as careful to get their facts straight as the regular press when posting articles such as these. Since I'm personally accident prone in these now know why many of my links to other articles are simply excerpts from the article with no further comment by me. You don't need to hear my opinon on those things I know little about nor should I provide comments that add no value to the article I'm providing a link to. In other words, I try to keep my mouth shut when appropriate.