Mambo 4.6 to be released soon

Mambo 4.6 is expected to be release soon. While interest in the content management system has diminished over the past year (due to increased interest in Joomla) the open source project and community still remains active. Mambo is by no means a dead project.

With Mambo 4.6 currently available as a release candidate the folks at MamboServer report the following as the most significant new features and enhancements you can expect in the new release:

  • A new Language Manager that makes translating the Mambo core into additional languages a breeze.
  • Totally revamped embedded Help Screens for context-sensitive help – users no longer need to be connected to the Internet to access help files.
  • Improved MySQL5 compatibility and general database performance.
  • A new customizable WYSIWYG editor, MOStlyCE, based on the latest version of TinyMCE – provides greatly improved editing and content formatting.
  • More efficient code generates significantly fewer database calls giving 4.6 better performance over previous versions of Mambo – and over competing systems.
  • Several new variations of the default CSS-based template, which provides a great building block for the creation of custom templates.
  • Enhanced security makes 4.6 the most secure Mambo ever.
  • A new content module for displaying the most recent content items in their entirety.
  • A new comments component so site visitors can add comments to content items.

If no significant problems are discovered in the release candidates, you can expect Mambo 4.6 to be out this month, August 2006.