Mailbag: TERMINALFOUR announces V8.1 and impact on higher education

Within the past couple days, I've received emails and phone calls from TERMINALFOUR's marketing best encouraging me to cover the company's latest news. The announcement concerns new software from TERMINALFOUR, which the company believes will help universities drive students to register to attend through better online engagement. The company already works with leading universities across the United States including the University of Florida, Texas Woman’s University and Central Wyoming College.

I've included TERMINALFOUR's announcement below. TERMINALFOUR has incorporated a ‘Form Builder’ and automated migration tool into v8.1 to help increase engagement. The company's past experience in working with universities have shown  the migration tool allows site administrators to automatically migrate up to 93% of their content. That's an impressive number as anyone that has ever worked on a migration project well knows. I've worked on some projects where the automation was "zero" due to the joys of an in-house customized CMS. It's one of the reasons I recommend CMSs like TERMINALFOUR instead of letting your IT shop build their own CMS. 



TERMINALFOUR empowers Higher Education to drive greater conversions with Latest Software Release

  • TERMINALFOUR v8.1 includes ‘Form Builder’ developed to underpin the online conversion strategies of universities and colleges
  • TERMINALFOUR’s migration tool automatically migrating up to 93% of client content

Boston, 12 November 2015 - TERMINALFOUR, the digital marketing and web content management platform for higher education, today announced the launch of the latest version of its software - TERMINALFOUR v8.1. The key features of the release are the new ‘Form Builder’, developed to underpin the online conversion strategies of universities and colleges, and the automated migration tool. 

TERMINALFOUR’s ‘Form Builder’ has been developed solely with the purpose to drive calls to action from students and improve online engagement and recruitment.  For higher education, this might be to encourage prospective students to apply for courses, request a campus visit or course catalog.   

Piero Tintori, CEO and Founder, TERMINALFOUR, said, “The competition for students is an intense and increasingly international contact sport, and the institutions that are rising to the challenge are orchestrating sophisticated and highly integrated digital marketing strategies.  Those websites that are meeting their goals and KPIs are focused on converting and driving engagement from students.  Our latest release is designed to drive the success of this conversion strategy by tying it to the quality and capabilities of online forms.”

These forms benefit from stringent user testing resulting in forms that are powerful, easy to create and highly customizable.  They have been developed to link seamlessly with key analytics platforms and also to integrate into marketing automation workflows and global payment gateways including Stripe. 

Security is at the heart of the latest release and TERMINALFOUR has been awarded ISO27001:2013 Information Security Certification. This achievement makes the company one of a handful of web content management systems (WCMS) in the world and the only dominant player within the North American higher education market to receive this award.    

TERMINALFOUR v8.1 has seen improvements to its automated migration tool and to its integration capabilities with key higher education solutions. Early results show TERMINALFOUR’s migration tool automatically migrating up to 93% of client content from older, unsupported or underdeveloped CMS platforms.

Additionally, as TERMINALFOUR clients continue to attach data-driven decision-making methodologies to their online strategies, v8.1 includes enhancements to numerous interactive reports to help measure conversion, governance and performance.

“The release of TERMINALFOUR v8.1 is all about performance and facilitating informed and impactful decision making for web and marketing teams in higher education. Our development plan for this product is to constantly bring our clients closer to their target audience by helping them to not only engage and convert but also to gain an understanding of how improvements can be continually made by reviewing the evidence,” said Tintori.

“We’re immensely proud of this release and I’m particularly grateful to our team for their focus and the quality of what they’ve delivered,” concluded Tintori.