Mailbag: DPCI Announces the DPSBridge Module for Drupal

A few days ago, I received an advance copy DPCI's press release announcing that DPCI has contributed an open source module to integrate Drupal with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. As far as I can tell, the Drupal 7 module is currently a sandbox project  but I assume it will eventually be released as a full module once the code is worked out. 

I usually don't blog about specific modules or plugins of a CMS unless I've actually used them for myself or they're huge to the story of the CMS. However, I owe mention of this module to Joe Bachana, President and Founder of DPCI. Several years ago, he invited me to sit on a Drupalcon panel discussing enterprise trends in content management. Besides Joe and myself the panel included Bryan House, Acquia and moderator Jacob Morgan, Chess Media Group.  That panel was a milestone event for me (huge audience) and forced me to acknowledge that I not only had a voice in this industry but also people willing to listen.

So without hesitation, DPCI's press release regarding their new Drupal module follows.

DPCI Announces the DPSBridge Module for Drupal


DPCI Contributes an Open-Source Module to Integrate Drupal with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

New York, NY - Apr 01, 2014 - DPCI, an interactive technology agency that helps organizations create, publish, enrich and deliver content to Web, print, mobile, and tablet devices, today announced the release of DPSBridge, a Drupal contributed module that allows customers of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (Enterprise Edition) to upload Web content from Drupal into Adobe DPS folios as HTML Articles. By connecting Drupal with DPS, organizations now have the option to create folios for Adobe DPS apps straight from source content within Drupal.

The DPSBridge module, which is an open-source Drupal module maintained by DPCI, converts selected web articles into HTML stacks and then uploads the articles directly to the Folio Producer Service in DPS by utilizing the Folio Producer APIs. In addition, DPSBridge compares each selected Drupal article with the version in the folio and indicates when the content is out of sync. An authorized user can then update the contents of the folio to utilize the most current version of the Drupal article. This functionality can all be accessed directly from within Drupal’s admin interface without having to jump out to the desktop or another application interface.

“The DPSBridge module extends the capabilities of Drupal and Adobe DPS by creating an easier process for publishing Web original content to tablet devices,” said Joe Bachana, President and Founder of DPCI. “As both a Drupal consulting firm and an implementer of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, we believe this to be a ground-breaking innovation in the integration of proprietary and open-source multi-channel technologies.”

“We are excited that DPS customers can use Adobe Experience Manager, the leading solution for Web and digital asset management, or software packages such as Drupal, to streamline the creation of app content by leveraging a central asset repository,” said Ben Choi, senior director of product management for Digital Publishing Suite, Adobe.  “Whether customers choose to use DPS with AEM, gaining access to an intuitive, template-driven HTML workflow for rapid app content creation or Drupal, organizations can deliver content-centric apps more quickly, resulting in significant time-savings and lower costs.”

The DPSBridge module currently supports Drupal version 7.x. To find out more about DPSBridge, as well as to download a beta version of the module from the Drupal community site, please go to the project page on For consulting and implementation support, please contact DPCI at (800) 818-2905.

About DPCI

DPCI is an interactive technology agency that delivers integrated content management solutions for organizations that need to publish content to Web, print, mobile and e-reader devices. DPCI helps customers design and implement Web Content Management Systems, Digital Asset Management, Online Collaboration Software, Multi-Channel Systems, Workflow Management solutions, and recently, Semantic technologies. DPCI serves customers throughout the United States, including the United Nations, ESPN, Mitre, McGraw-Hill Education, Raymond Corporation, and Royal Caribbean Inc.

Source: DPCI Press Release