Lorelle on WP: Glimpses of WordPress 2.1

This just goes to show you how small of a world it is. Traffic to CMS Report is usually rather light over the weekend, but I noticed an increase in the number of people visiting the site Saturday and Sunday. These "new" visitors were coming from Lorelle VanFossen's WordPress blog. She recently posted an article on some of the features expected in the yet to be released WordPress 2.1.

Ryan Boren, one of the lead WordPress developers, has been releasing preview information on WordPress 2.1, along with some other well-know WordPress developers, testers, and users. Here are some teasers about WordPress 2.1, due out soon...

In the articles she references a post here at CMS Report where I briefly mentioned some of the new features that likely would be included in WordPress 2.1. The migration of traffic from one blog to the next is very fascinating to me and this would make a perfect case study. Anyway, be sure to check out her post as she's compiled a lot more clues to what can be expected in WordPress 2.1.

As a sidebar, I've noticed that Lorelle VanFossen is to WordPress as much as Amy Stephen is to Joomla!. Over the months both women consistently blog about their favorite CMS. They of course talk about other things, but it's the CMS-talk that lures me to their sites.