Latest version of Preservica simplifies digital preservation and delivers enhanced API capabilities

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Latest version of Preservica simplifies digital preservation and delivers enhanced API capabilities

Thu, 02/22/2018 - 23:15

Preservica v5.9 enhances ease-of-use for expert and non-expert users, adds new preservation tools, and content APIs for greater integration choices

Boston, MA 22 February 2018 | Digital preservation specialist, Preservica, today announced the latest version (v5.9) of its cloud-hosted and on premise Digital Preservation and Access solution.

Preservica v5.9 builds on success in enabling libraries, museums, archives and businesses to build dynamic, living archives that create sustainable value. New simplified operations and reduced clicks-per-action, combined with advanced ingest, characterization and migration capabilities, ensure Preservica can be used more easily or for more sophisticated tasks.

For Enterprise Edition users the release delivers the first phase of enhanced API capabilities, enabling Preservica to be connected with more systems and applications. And following the launch of cloud-hosted Preservica in Canada, the software now includes an extended framework for French-Canadian language support alongside English, French and German.

New features included in Preservica v5.9:

Advanced preservation management
Additional options to re-characterize content post-ingest, extend container file management and execute file format migrations on export, enhancing Preservica’s living archive capabilities, providing flexibility and choice for implementing preservation strategy and information re-use.

Latest preservation capabilities
A greater choice of preservation and file migration options can be accessed with the newest version of JHOVE and PRONOM signatures.

Ease-of-use enhancements
Consolidation of ingest workflows combined with simplification of the Preservica user interface and ingest tools reduces learning and operation complexity. Conformity in Metadata editing is enhanced with selectable drop-down-lists and dependencies between list values ensuring only valid options are provided, as more context is given. This can be of particular assistance to volunteer or new archivists.

New API connectivity
A new Representational State Transfer (REST) API design for updating content and metadata held in Preservica available for Enterprise Edition users.

Extended internationalization
Extended framework for French-Canadian language support in the Preservica user interface.

Mike Quinn, Preservica CEO adds “This new release highlights our commitment to making digital preservation simple without compromising on capability. At the same time, APIs have become an increasingly important component for any digital solution, as organizations look for greater opportunities to connect Preservica with more people and applications.”

Preservica v5.9 is already released to Cloud Edition users and will be available for Enterprise Edition users from February 28, 2018.