The Joomla CMS: 50 Million Downloads Later

Today, we received an announcement from the folks at Joomla! which we couldn't pass up. The Joomla CMS has been downloaded more than 50 million times. Just as impressive, Joomla is currently being download at 1 million downloads a month.

Joomla! LogoJoomla is used to build, organize, manage and publish content for websites, blogs, Intranets and mobile applications. A few other milestones to note is that Joomla is also currently the world’s second most utilized CMS behind WordPress and ahead of Drupal. If you do the math, that translates to 3.1% of all the world’s Web properties now run on the Joomla platform. Joomla! is also claiming that about 630,000 people have had input into the CMS since its launch in 2005.

“This is a huge milestone for the Joomla community that can be traced back to the tireless work of hundreds of thousands of contributors,” said Paul Orwig, President of Open Source Matters, a non-profit created to provide organization, legal and financial support to the Joomla project. “Joomla and its collaborative community have continued to build truly versatile software that fuels its widespread adoption. We are encouraged by the rate of growth and will continue to provide the most powerful and flexible tools needed to improve the digital world.”

The Joomla! open source community attributes this milestone and continued growth in the number of websites using their CMS to:

  • The flexibility and openness of its software—The Joomla Framework, enabling developers of custom-built apps or CMSs to more easily combine Joomla features with features from other open-source frameworks, launched in December 2013. The software is free, open source and separate from the Joomla CMS platform.
  • Constantly innovating—Adhering to its six-month release cycle, Joomla released version 3.2 of its CMS in November 2013. The newest version adds a record number of new features and improvements, making it the most simple and secure Joomla CMS yet. The new enhancements include version control, Rapid Appplication Development (RAD), an extension finder, bcrypt and two-factor authentication. The CMS even offers revamped extension development capabilities. 
  • Growing developer community and number of extensions—The Joomla developer community collaborates and contributes through its more than 2.8 million forum posts and about 630,000 forum members. The community also holds hundreds of regular events across the globe, such as user group meetups, JoomlaDays and conferences.

Joomla continues to see adoption in every imaginable industry from nonprofits to some of the world's largest financial institutions. With government adoption, the CMS now powers around 3,200 government agencies’ websites, blogs and Intranets across 204 countries.