Jared Ritchey: Index Faster in Google with WordPress

Jared Ritchey has a few things to say about search engine optimization and WordPress.

WordPress realistically only takes about 5 minutes to install but as any WordPress professional knows, the configuration and setup of other elements of design can take many hours if good results are expected. Since my #1 SEO suggestion to site owners is a blog, It makes sense for me to keep and maintain up to date versions of the tools I work with.

In his post, "Index Faster in Google with WordPress", he gives you six must-have plugins for your Wordpress site that he has found improves your rankings with the search engines.  So you might as well go for a visit to his site as I won't spill the beans here.  Though, I will say that the last plugin he suggests will likely not be needed if you've upgraded to the just released Wordpress 2.3.