INFOTECH Pub, We Hardly Knew Ye

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INFOTECH Pub, We Hardly Knew Ye

We're closing down INFOTECH Pub. But we're working on some new projects to replace it.

Last year at this time, we quietly introduced a new website called INFOTECH Pub. It was an effort to see if there was enough interest in a website focused on information technology much in the same way we've seen interest in socPub and CMS Report. Well, the short answer is no.

The site's failure to pull in new traffic was due in part because we didn't have enough original content for the site to distinguish it from my other websites. In truth though, after spending more almost 25 years in an information technology career, my heart was never really that interested in spending my off hours supporting a business IT related website as a hobby. With these two obstacles in the way of any success for the website, we've decided to close down INFOTECH PUB and redirect any traffic back to socPub and CMS Report.

As we move through the months of 2024 and into the year 2025, the project we're most excited about is  The intention of the website is to cover non-work topics. You know, the fun stuff we do after work and happily continue into retirement. We're still working on improving the website's branding and content it will cover, but the website is already pulling in some traffic which is very encouraging. This should be a fun website to continue supporting in the years to come.