Important Reasons Why Infographics are Crucial in Content Marketing

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Important Reasons Why Infographics are Crucial in Content Marketing

Fri, 12/06/2019 - 06:58
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Inforgraphics come with some key perks that might just inspire you to get more creative with this form of content

The online world is one colorful, versatile palette of content formats. Different businesses rely on a range of content kinds to appeal to their target audience and to differentiate themselves from their competitors, so you see brands post social media polls to drive engagement, sponsored posts to gain more visibility, Instagram imagery to inspire their followers, and YouTube tutorials to educate their audience. Of course, the relevance of the written word never wanes, so businesses still religiously stick to their blog-posting schedules. However, what is the relevance of infographics on this wide spectrum of content formats?

This visually-appealing format that educates and entertains in a single go is one of the most effective ways to improve your traffic, reputation, as well as your click-through rates, among so many other benefits. In fact, they have become one of those preferred means to convey a relevant message and to engage with any type of audience. If you’re still uncertain as to what you can and should expect your infographics to do for your overall content marketing strategy, here are a few key perks to keep in mind that might just inspire you to get more creative with this form of content.

Make content more digestible

Sometimes, people don’t have the time or the patience to read a lengthy, albeit informative article. Especially if they are commuting to work and are scrolling down their Facebook newsfeed – they prefer muted videos with catchy titles, brief and snappy posts, and of course, infographics. They are the perfect medium for all that crucial information so eloquently presented in your articles. They might even get your readers’ interest to save the lengthy article link for later reading, but go through the infographic for now. 

When you combine fun and cartoon-like images that are simple and relatable, with key bits of information from your blogs, you get a perfectly-balanced piece of content your super-busy readers can digest easily. Easily driving key points across is a challenge very few content formats can do as well as an infographic, so it would be a waste not to use them to do just that. 

Boost engagement and brand reach

Being able to showcase your knowledge on a relevant subject in a manner that’s easy to consume delivers the kind of content that drives shareability, engagement, and overall brand reach. In fact, storytelling through infographics is not just possible, but far more engaging when you combine their visual appeal and key story points to convey the right message. When brands find themselves stuck with the process of transforming pure text into engaging infographics, they go to experts.

In such situations, experts the likes of Infostarters can step in to create visually-alluring infographics that contain the essence of your story and inspire the right level of engagement. As a result, brands can produce content that has a tendency to go viral, get shared more frequently, and inspire wider brand awareness across the board. That means up to 12% more traffic for your website, more leads, and ultimately more loyalty for your target audience with a single content format.

Put your brand forth

The voice of your brand is as unique as its core identity. It lets you tell a story from a unique perspective, connect with your customers and potential customers on an emotional level, and inspire greater loyalty through trust and authority. What about images and infographics? Well, your brand identity gets a new dimension to support your brand voice, since you can use images, graphs, and charts to support your views in a way that also puts your brans in the center of your audience’s attention.

It’s simple enough to use the core color palette of your brand identity and infuse it into the infographics. The same applies to your brand’s chosen font, logo, and other branded design elements. What’s more, you can use infographics to create a more relatable image of your brand by combining an authoritative voice with likeable imagery that simplifies any given subject. You allow yourself to simultaneously present your brand as the expert in your industry while you make your content more memorable and more relatable. 

Boost SEO and traffic

Content with visuals generates over 95% of views, increasing brand awareness, engagement rates, and shareability of your content. Add to that, your infographics represent a perfect place to add relevant links to trustworthy sources, as well as back to your own internal content. Improving your link portfolio alone is enough to skyrocket your SEO results, but add to that the stats mentioned above and simple human nature and you have a truly perfect SEO tactic up your content sleeve.

Content such as your infographics also makes room to deliver value, which search engines tend to recognize and reward with better positioning in the SERPs, because their algorithms favor brands that answer relevant questions and educate and inform their audience. All in all, infographics are a perfect tool to drive your SEO goals and to improve your brand’s position not just in the eyes of search engines, but your audience, too.

Wrapping up

While there’s no one-size-fits-all in terms of content, certain formats such as infographics are indeed applicable to all industries and provide the perfect means to various ends. Use them to increase brand awareness, impress and educate your audience, and always stay the leader in your niche.