How Laser Technology Is Reshaping the Manufacturing Industry

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How Laser Technology Is Reshaping the Manufacturing Industry

Tue, 12/13/2022 - 12:23
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Lasers are used for many different purposes in the modern world. They can reduce the appearance of scars and fine lines, etch on almost any type of material, help surgeons operate and also speedup and produce better quality industrial goods.

The cost of lasers was once so prohibitive that only the largest factories were able to experiment with them. However, the prices keep coming down as the technology becomes more commonplace. Laser technology is now within the reach of smaller manufacturing facilities. 

How Are Lasers Used in Manufacturing?

Industrial strength lasers are used to cut metal, wood and fabric. They can etch tracking codes into machines to help with tracking. They can also be used to change the texture of a surface or take measurements. They can cut one-off designs on the fly to create instant prototypes of almost any type of product.

Global Newswire recently reported the industrial laser system market will grow about 9% annually between now and 2026 until it hits $29.24 billion. As more manufacturers begin using laser technology, expect it to become a necessity to remain competitive. Although there is an initial upfront investment, you may find you recoup it rather quickly thanks to the benefits.

Here are some ways laser technology is reshaping the industry:

1. Speed Up Processes

Using lasers for cutting can speed up your manufacturing by as much as 80% or more. Using the machines reduces the number of laborers you need, the time it takes to get from raw material to market and ensure you meet deadlines.

Should you decide to work with a big box store, they may want to know how you’ll handle the increased demand of supplying their stores with inventory. Lasers may be the solution you need to show you’re capable of meeting growth demands. 

2. Reduce Consumables

Laser engraving systems call for less consumables than other methods. They are also energy-efficient, so you'll create a smaller carbon footprint.

For green companies, the ability to reduce consumables is particularly attractive. You’ll be able to share your methods with potential customers who also care about protecting the environment. 

3. Increase Quality

Laser technology gives you a clean, sharp cut. You’ll have less ragged edges and errors. Your quality should naturally improve as you improve the processes. Since lasers are so accurate in measurement and method, you’ll find fewer mistakes. Your customers should notice the attention to detail and the improved product lines.

You may also find you can do things you couldn’t do by hand or with older machines. Lasers are precise, which gives you a chance to do more intricately detailed work. 

4. Improve Branding

A lot of different factors influence how people see your brand. Around 90% of people say minor things such as color can change how they perceive a company and its products. With laser technology, you have a tool at your disposal that creates accurate products and gives you the ability to add tracking features and etching.

Show how your use of laser technology improves your business and product. Use it as part of your unique value proposition to convince people to use your manufacturing business rather than your competitor’s. 

Throw Out Limitations

One of the most powerful parts of laser technology is the ability to throw out old constraints and try new designs you didn’t think were possible. With the help of computer aided drafting, imagine new products and inventions once only dreamed of.

You’ll be able to produce more products faster, efficiently and with higher quality. But production is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential for manufacturing with lasers.