How to get Instagram followers to sign up for Email newsletter subscriptions

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How to get Instagram followers to sign up for Email newsletter subscriptions

Wed, 01/24/2018 - 07:00
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Three useful techniques to harness the power of Instagram to add to your list of email subscribers.

There is such a buzz about social media that often old tried and tested method like email are overlooked. While it is easy to label email as being old and cluttered, email gives marketers direct access to potential and actual customers. However, it can be quite difficult to continuously add to your list of email subscribers. It is in this context that Instagram with its 800 million-plus followers and the highest engagement level of all social networks can play a useful part.

Some useful techniques to harness the power of Instagram to add to your list of email subscribers include:

Create an Extremely Compelling Opt-In

Before commencing to create a Instagram campaign for acquiring new email subscribers, it can be very useful to brainstorm with colleagues and even customers to establish what customers really want. This analysis will involve, among other things, investigating what problems customers are looking to address, what information they do not normally have, and how their needs can be met. While you will quite likely turn up a number of important things, it is best not to try and address them all at the same time but to pick up one that is really critical and try to provide a solution in a what is known in marketing parlance as a lead magnet that serves to attract the interest of social media users and click on a link to your website to acquire it.

Insert a Powerful Call to Action (CTA) in the Instagram Bio

Because most Instagram users require a lot of convincing even if the lead magnet seems to have very high perceived value, it can greatly help to place a powerful call-to-action both in the Instagram bio as well as the promotional posts that you upload on Instagram. It can help to include a powerful motivation for users to click on the bio link and build a connection with your brand while getting something that is useful to them. A CTA in the bio that’s of high quality will ensure a steady flow of traffic generation to your website and email subscriptions, not to speak of lots of real Instagram likes.

Create a Custom Landing Page for Instagram Users

Common sense dictates that the link that you insert in your Instagram bio that users can click should lead them to the homepage of your website. However, it is better to create a custom landing page that can make the acquisition of the lead magnet easier because users will not have to search for it in the usual clutter of the home page. Also, you get the chance of selling your idea more convincingly on the custom landing page to motivate the user to finally signup for the email subscription and obtain the lead magnet.


By identifying something that a potential customer really wants you can induce him to click on the link in the bio section of Instagram and lead him to a landing page where you can again pitch for an email signup in exchange for the lead magnet.