Hidden Benefits of Promotional Products in 2018

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Hidden Benefits of Promotional Products in 2018

Thu, 09/13/2018 - 06:44
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In 2018, a lot of Australian entrepreneurs tend to turn a blind eye towards all the benefits of traditional marketing. Sure, online presence is more important than it ever was before, however, there isn’t a single reason why this would make traditional marketing techniques obsolete. In fact, in a scenario where a growing number of small businesses deliberately ignores promotional products, you may decide to use them in order to create a clear distinction and even gain a competitive edge. Here are five additional, less-known, reasons why promotional products are still relevant in 2018.

1. Increasing brand recognition

The first thing you need to understand is that in order to reach the desired level of brand awareness, you first have to increase the brand recognition. The simplest way to do so is to invest in promotional products. Why? Well, as we already stated, not many businesses nowadays work with promotional products, which means that your audience encounters more brands in the digital environment than they do in the real world. This is your chance to capitalize on this underrepresentation of your customers. You can even combine digital and old-school marketing by finding a platform for media monitoring in Australia and see if the number of brand mentions is increasing over time.

2. Integrating it into your digital marketing campaign

Imagine printing a promotional t-shirt with the logo of your company on it. What kind of message does it send? However, what if you decided to add several smaller logos below, logos of the most important social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn? This would also send a message that your company is present on these networks, as well as encourage bypassers to look you up on these platforms. All of these networks are used on a daily basis by your customers, which is why their logos are more than recognizable. In this way, your traditional marketing can support your digital marketing campaign.

3. Adding value to your audience

The key to promoting your business lies in offering something of value to your audience. For instance, a piece of content needs to be informative or entertaining in order to be valuable to your audience. An online coupon provides material value to your audience and is, therefore, considered to be one of the most efficient tools for business promotion. As for promotional products, items like promotional umbrellas are always effective and are bound to be used by your audience regularly. This means that all the recipients of this promotional product will encounter your brand and interact with it every time it rains.

4. They are always there

Another thing you need to understand is that once you give someone a promotional product, they will keep it for at least two years (6 out of 10 people). This means that they will encounter your logo, the name of your company or the URL of your website (that you’ve decided to print on the product) on a regular basis. According to the marketing principle known as the rule of seven, a customer needs to encounter your brand at least seven times in order to decide to interact with it. Needless to say, it’s much easier to get there if there’s an item to remind them of you on a daily basis.

5. Cost-effectiveness

Printing a logo on a t-shirt or a coffee mug is a service that a lot of people turned to in the past. Unfortunately, this leads a lot of people to make a bad estimate of the cost of promotional product printing. Printing a single mug to give to a coworker on their birthday doesn’t give you a full idea of how much this process will cost on a wider scale. Printing one t-shirt isn’t 100 times less expensive than printing a 100 due to the fact that there is always a bulk discount in question. This sheds a completely new light on the cost-effectiveness of your marketing strategy.


As you can see, the cost of investing in promotional products is A) not nearly as high as some people would want you to believe and B) completely justified by the ROI that it brings. Most importantly, it’s not like you have to choose between traditional and digital marketing to begin with. Finally, due to the fact that you can use your promotional products to support your digital marketing campaign, there’s literally not a single reason for you to ignore this marketing method, whatsoever.