Goodbye Thunderbird?

I am saddened by continued reports that support for Mozilla's email client, Thunderbird, continues to diminish. From DesktopLinux:

The Mozilla Foundation's press release focused on the Firefox 2.12 security fixes. The Foundation also reported, though, in its MFSA (Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory), that these same bugs had been fixed in the fictitious Thunderbird 2.12...

...Still, it is upsetting that Mozilla reports that these problems have been fixed in a version of Thunderbird that doesn't exist. The latest version of Thunderbird is 2.09.

Mitchell Baker posted last September the transfer of Thunderbird from Mozilla to a yet to be seen Mailco organization. Just as DesktopLinux mentioned in their article, I've seen little information about what we can with regards to Thunderbird's future. Perhaps, I'm just not looking in the wrong places?

All this leads me to conclude that with security updates not happening for Thunderbird, we may be forced to pull the plug on it at least when running the software on our Windows XP systems. We were eventually going to adopt Microsoft's Outlook as our primary email client, but I had hoped to keep Thunderbird around a little longer. But if Thunderbird starts not to pass our quarterly security scans...we'll have no choice but to be a single email client shop. After using the Netscape/Mozilla/Thunderbird email client for so long, for us it is a very strange ending indeed.

Meanwhile, I will keep Thunderbird installed on my home PCs...and keep hope alive.