eZ Systems is now Ibexa

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eZ Systems is now Ibexa

Wed, 04/29/2020 - 06:41
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While I may check its pulse now and then, I'm less plugged into the content management system space as I once was. Regardless, in all this time I've never been fully convinced that experience management as it relates to software is a completely unique information system. But I get it, just like country and rock and roll may be just music they're still different genres of music that address and reaches out to a completely different culture base. He's a little bit content management system, she's a little bit digital experience management.

For any company, you have to draw the line somewhere and for the sake of branding you have to make it clear what you're selling. This week eZ Systems did just that not only by product but also by identity. eZ Systems has now rebranded themselves as Ibexa. Below is the press release I received announcing the change in company name.

eZ Systems Announces Company Name Change to Ibexa

New name reflects repositioning of the company as a leading B2B Digital Experience Platform vendor

Oslo, April 27, 2020: After twenty years as a successful Web Content Management vendor, eZ Systems today announced the launch of its new corporate brand identity and name. From today, the organization will be known as Ibexa, creator of the Digital Experience Platform for business.

After record sales in 2019 along with a recent acquisition of B2B e-commerce software earlier this year, Ibexa experienced a seismic shift in the type and size of customers it serves while adopting a 100 percent channel-driven sales model.

This year, the release of eZ Platform v3 incorporating content management, site building, e-commerce, personalization and accelerated development capabilities completes the transition of the company’s software to the DXP space. 2020 has also seen the company expand into new markets in the UK, Spain and Poland.

A new brand identity was sought to better support these changes and marks the next phase of the company after 20 years as a successful WCM vendor. “The shift in technology to a true DXP player and our focus on a pure channel strategy will help us to continue accelerating our growth and position Ibexa as a leading DXP provider in the B2B market.” says Morten Ingebrigtsen, CEO of Ibexa.

“Ibexa’s Digital Experience Platform is considered a particularly good fit in the B2B space, where companies are now the most impacted by digital transformation. They understand that they must adapt their business by transforming and digitalizing their sales and business models with frictionless buying experience at the heart of their business,” continues Ingebrigtsen.

“Enterprise organizations such as Hibu, CMS Law and Crédit Agricole rely on Ibexa technologies to deliver exceptional digital experiences to their multichannel customers,” comments Bertrand Maugain co-CEO. “Typically, these enterprise clients have more complex digital needs and requirements.”

“Our technology – a unified single platform – not only enables companies to deliver a better customer experience faster, it also boosts agility and flexibility via integration with their existing business systems.” Maugain adds, “Our goal is to enable B2B businesses to achieve their digital transformation faster and as cost-efficiently as possible, positively impacting how businesses do business with each other.”