Earl Miles: Another Attempt at Administrative Bliss

So Earl Miles, tell us what you really think about Drupal's administrative menus:

Drupal’s actual administrative pages suck ass. It’s not just the organization that’s wrong, as I had actually thought going into this. Unfortunately, no, it’s worse than that. While there are some pages that are (by dint of their brevity) relatively good, there are other pages that are nearly unworkable. block administration, menu administration, module administration, access control administration are all headache-inducing pages.

While I personally don't mind Drupal's administrative menus, Mr. Miles makes some good points in his posts about what could be improved in Drupal on the administrative side. You can read more at his Angry Donuts site by clicking here. He also has a mention about user surveys and their worth. Something I would like to touch on later in the day.