Drupal on a budget...no more

If you are reading this post, then congratulations...you are now seeing CMS Report on its new server (a Virtual Private/Dedicated Server).  As I tweak the VPS in the following weeks, I may fall back on the old server from time to time but for the most part, I'm home.  Today officially ends my grand-experiment of running a moderately busy Drupal site on the cheap.

I made some big mistakes by not pulling CMSReport.com sooner from the shared hosting plan and back onto a VPS.  There are some very good lessons I learned this past week.  Once I catch up on my sleep, I plan on writing down my final experiences with running Drupal on a shared hosting plan.  I think when it's all said and done, it could be a good reference for those trying to determine whether Drupal is right for them but are prefering to stay with the lower-end shared hosting plans.  I'm also hoping to take the series of posts I've done on Drupal and Shared Hosting this summer and find some way to contribute them back into the Drupal Handbooks.  I know I'm not the first person that has wrestled with running Drupal on a shared hosting plan.  You can see John VanDyk's post as a recent example.

Once the dust settles on the new server, I will also likely have some time left on the former shared hosting plan.  I think I will be taking advantage of that remaining time on the server.  I'm hoping to move a stripped down version of CMSReport.com onto a Beta version of Drupal 6 for a live one day test.  If anyone has some scripts to converting Drupal 5.x over to another CMS (especially Joomla or Wordpress) I'm also willing to put my site on  similar one-day trips using other CMS applications.  After all, this site has always been about more than just writing about CMS, but also trying new CMS software.

Using CMS software still in development and not quite ready for "production" sites...it should be no wonder as to why I run into database problems as much as I do.  Thanks for those that decide to stick around anyway, it's appreciated!