DotNetNuke Rebrands to DNN and Expands Product Suite

Over the years, we all have abbreviated DotNetNuke as DNN as we've discussed this open source .Net based content management system. It looks like the corporate folks upstairs have finally made this interchangeability official. DotNetNuke Corp will now be known as DNN.

The Company Name Change

A big part of the reason for this change, according to CEO Navin Nagiah is that the name “DotNetNuke” presents us as a company that provides solutions only to customers inside of the Microsoft ecosystem. "We have found that, as our software has become richer in user experience and functionality, we have had customers outside of the Microsoft ecosystem using our software. We expect this to further accelerate with the launch of our product lines on the cloud, allowing real-time deployment of our software, and making the stack on which we are built immaterial to the user".

The Product Name Change

The new DNN has also taken the time not only to announce the branding of the new company logo, but also announced a new and refocused suite of products and services. Today, DNN has announced DNN Evoq, a suite of integrated applications enabling enterprises to create online experiences and powerful interactive communities. DNN Evoq intends to make it easy for users, including those with minimal IT experience, to integrate social functionality with their existing websites.

During a time when 4 billion items are shared on Facebook and 200 million items shared on Twitter each day, it’s vital for the success of a business to stand out to its customers. With DNN Evoq, enterprises can create integrated, powerful destination sites that combine immersive content with user communities. Using DNN Evoq, visitors can interact with a site optimized for their interests, ask and answer questions from other community members, provide feedback to site owners, send tips on new products features and much more. DNN Evoq features an intuitive, Web-based user interface that provides a single management console for creating and controlling an integrated, all-in-one site with broad functionality. 

DNN Evoq currently includes the following applications:

  • Evoq Content – DNN's business solution for content management. Evoq Content enables users, including those with minimal technical experience, to add and edit content through a standard browser with no IT support. The solution is equipped with high-level security, e-commerce, extensibility and support features – across Web- and mobile-based sites.
  • Evoq Social – DNN's business solution for social publishing. DNN claims this is the only enterprise-class solution that incorporates a broad range of best-in-class social community capabilities including: true extensibility, an intuitive and consistent Management UI, and the best price/value alternative. Evoq Social gives users the ability to seamlessly integrate communities into corporate websites, instead of driving customers to a third-party social site, which enables them to monitor and shape the customer conversation.

What happens to the "free" open source DotNetNuke Community version of the CMS? This edition also gets a name change to DNN Platform. DNN has a strong expertise in communities. Membership in its own community comes from more than 30 countries around the world and nearly 63 percent are very active in the community. In addition, more than 8,000 new members sign up per month. DNN remains the steward of the DotNetNuke open source project, and DNN Evoq is built on the DNN Platform foundation. DNN will continue to actively manage and contribute to the open source project and community while providing commercial solutions for enterprises looking for comprehensive, out-of-the-box products.

The New Cloud Solution

The new DNN Evoq platform will be made available on premise or in the cloud. DNN is working with Microsoft Corp., a leading provider of cloud services, to make DNN Evoq available in the cloud. DNN’s Cloud Solution, powered by Windows Azure, provides users with performance, scalability, redundancy and reliability of a hosted platform to support the Evoq Suite. Evoq Social and Evoq Content can now support virtually any and all frameworks via the Windows Azure platform.

“With DNN Evoq, we’re giving businesses what their customers need: a single destination for content, community, feedback, support and interaction. Feature-rich yet easy to manage, DNN Evoq brings the best of what we’ve learned through 10 years of creating online experiences and managing a large user community and ecosystem,” said Navin Nagiah, CEO and president, DNN. “DNN Evoq allows global companies to provide content-rich social sites and services quickly, easily and reliably.”

“Windows Azure is a global, scalable and flexible platform that helps businesses quickly deploy solutions worldwide,” said Karri Alexion-Tiernan, director, Windows Azure Product Marketing. “We are pleased that DNN built its Evoq Cloud solution using Windows Azure and look forward to helping DNN’s global customers deliver powerful online experiences.”