DotNetNuke 6.2 WCM evolves DNN into a Social CMS

Some of my friends over at DotNetNuke have been talking to me about the latest version of their software. They're excited the new emphasis their favorite CMS is taking by combining traditional Web content management with enterprise social publishing capabilities. In fact, just today DotNetNuke Corp. announced the availability of DotNetNuke (DNN) 6.2, a social CMS that provides organizations the tools they need to easily configure and deploy internal social collaboration solutions and online communities.

I haven't had a chance to demo DNN 6.2,  but I'll walk you through on what I've gleamed so far from the press releases and conversations within the community. I'm hoping to get an opportunity for a demo on the new features down the road but this will have to do for now. Just to get the definitions straightened out, what DNN is calling Social CMS is what I also like to call a Social Publishing Systems. Everyone has a different take on how to use social media, some companies get it while others are still trying to recognize their importance. Taking DNN 6.2 into consideration, it's apparent to me that DotNetNuke gets social.

This latest version of DotNetNuke builds on the already strong CMS capabilities that have made it a leading Web content solution in the Microsoft ecosystem. DNN 6.2 allows businesses to build internal social networks to improve collaboration, communication and employee productivity. It also facilitates the creation of external communities that turn customers into advocates, lowering support costs and increasing revenue opportunities.

Shaun Walker, CTO and co-founder of DotNetNuke Corp., states that:

Organizations of all sizes now have a powerful WCMS combined with robust social tools – all at an affordable price. Building an effective online community is a proven strategy to improve productivity and get closer to your customers.  With DotNetNuke, businesses now have the capabilities to deploy online social solutions much faster, that are fully integrated with their external and internal websites, without the high cost of customization associated with current enterprise offerings in the market.

I was able to briefly meetup with Shaun Walker recently during CMS Expo in Chicago and I'm kicking myself that I didn't spend more time asking him where he things this emergence of CMS, Social Media, and Web Engagement Management is all headed.

Some of the new features and capabilities integrated in DotNetNuke 6.2 include:

Online Communities

With DNN 6.2, companies can build and manage highly functional, revenue generating websites that enable customer advocates to participate in interactive communities, form online relationships, publish rich profiles and communicate through activity feeds, social groups, forums and private messages.

Social Intranets

Businesses also need a similar set of capabilities to encourage collaboration within the organization to improve employee communication while increasing internal efficiencies that drive lower cost.  An additional benefit to better employee engagement is increased revenue. 

DNN 6.2 Product Capabilities 

DNN 6.2 contains a number of new capabilities essential for creating internal and external social communities:

  • Activity feed powering user interactions in a familiar social model
  • Social groups and forums increasing team collaboration
  • Facebook, Twitter and Google+ social logins to drive community participation
  • ‘Friend’ and ‘Follow’ controls encouraging social relationships
  • Private messaging offering an alternative community communication model
  • Interactive user profile with detailed personalization options
  • Member directory that makes it easy to find and connect with other people
  • Social API allows developers to make their apps social, drive visibility and usage
  • SharePoint 2010 integration makes it easy to publish enterprise documents to external sites
  • Fully localized platform in Dutch, French, German and Spanish enables customers to work in their preferred language

Availability and Pricing

DotNetNuke 6.2 is available now at and is offered in three versions: Community (free), Professional, and Enterprise Editions. Pricing starts at $2,499 for an annual Professional Edition subscription.

Editor's note: Article modified at 10:15 PM to add a little more of my own perspective as well as the video.