Don't Burn Out: How to Deal With Overwhelming Stress

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Don't Burn Out: How to Deal With Overwhelming Stress

Mon, 03/26/2018 - 06:50
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Save yourself from burning out from too much stress by following these tips that are good for stress-relief.

So, you are a successful business person, you really like your job, and everything is going just peachy. However, it is perfectly natural for times to come when too many projects fall into your lap, things at the office go awry, or you have to deal with a personal issue that is hindering your work performance. This is when you’ll probably ask yourself a lot of questions, but the main one that you should be asking yourself is “Ok, what do I do now?”

As everyone tends to fall on black days, there is a whole bunch of advice that you should adhere to in order to save yourself from burning out from all that overwhelming stress that is just piling up. Here are some things that you should try out.

Make sure that you get enough sleep

While this may seem trivial, it is actually a proven fact that sleep helps your body relieve stress, especially during the REM stage. It is something that is very important both for your mind and your body. The best idea is to set a goal to go to sleep at a reasonable time and allow yourself to wake up naturally, without the help of an alarm clock.

Of course, this isn’t just that simple and takes some time getting used to. Try going to bed earlier and earlier, and do so until you naturally wake up just at the time you want to. Set an alarm clock just in case, because, of course, our bodies aren’t perfect, and sometimes they can make mistakes. But, the conclusion is that enough sleep relieves stress and saves you from injury and sickness.

Don’t just react – act

The fact is that we most commonly feel stressed when the situation at hand is not under our control. This is when the stress hormone gets activated, and in time, your self-confidence, productiveness, and health begin to suffer. Therefore, the best idea is to determine which parts of the current situation you can actually take control of, and which you cannot.

While outside forces, such as someone talking to you in a particular tone that you find discomforting, aren’t something you can necessarily have an effect on, it is your own actions and reactions that you can deal with, and in result, impact how you feel about the entire situation. So, take control of what you can, and try to let go everything else.

Learn how to manage stress

Next to learning how to properly act and react so that your mind is somewhat at ease with stressful situations, you should also learn how to effectively manage stress. In fact, there is a variety of ways that you can deal with all that stress piling up in you, with no way to get out. We all need some way to vent our emotions, so buy yourself a neat little notebook and keep a stress diary. Make sure that you write down what causes stress for you on a regular basis. Remember, paper can take everything, so just write away.

Next to that, it would be wise to practice some relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing and meditation. You will be surprised how much proper breathing can help your body relax. Furthermore, try and assess your train of thought. Are your thoughts constantly negative when it comes to stressful situations? Try practicing positive thinking, and find constructive ways to get out of an overwhelming situation.

Take some time out – go on a vacation

Make sure that you save all those vacation and sick days for when you really need them. It is natural for every human being to sometimes just want to get away from everything. If it is possible, go on a vacation, and make sure that you take your time to open yourself to a variety of exciting and positive situations that will help you refresh your emotional storages and vent all the stress that you have been gathering around and watching grow for some time.

For example, you can visit and experience new places, which is generally the perfect recipe for revitalizing yourself. Active vacation might be even more powerful than sitting on the beach, and many business people nowadays are choosing guided tours on various locations, because they don’t have to organize anything, but they don’t feel like they have wasted their time.

Find a quiet place

If you can’t treat yourself with a nice vacation, then it would be the best idea to find a quiet place for yourself where you can zone out and focus on what you need to do with as little distractions as possible. If there isn’t such an area in your workplace, get yourself a pair of noise-canceling headphones. Put your phone away, log out of all the social networks, and allow yourself to work in peace.

In summation

It’s pretty normal for everyone to get overwhelmed by stress in their workplace from time to time. To stop yourself from burning out, you should find a way to be in control of your actions and emotions, as well as other ways that are good for stress-relief. In the end, go on a vacation, or find yourself a quiet spot where you can do your work uninterrupted.