Donncha: Catch it if you can! WordPress MU 1.1.1 escaped!

I could not help but chuckle when I read this post. Donncha O Caoimh hinted that he may have released WordPress MU 1.1.1 a day earlier then he intended. Sort of like sending that e-mail or blog post sooner then you had intended.  Despite the release of WordPress MU 1.1.1 a day early, it still sounds as if you can expect a good package out of this version.

Despite my best efforts to put off releasing WordPress mu 1.1.1 for another day it slipped through my fingers, tarred and zipped itself into neat bundles on the download page and screamed at all and sundry that it was free.  Complete Story

The new version of WordPress MU can be obtained though the official Wordpress MU download page.  Those new to WordPress will want to take note that "MU" stands for the multi-user version of WordPress and should not be be confused with the normal versions of WordPress.  WordPress MU allows you to host hundreds of blogs in much the same way of does.  In other words if you are currently not using WordPress MU you likely don't need this upgrade.