DNN releases Evoq 9 with a new Content as a Service Platform

DNN Features as a Service

Although I retired last year from writing stories solely focused on content management systems, I still have a few of my favorites that I like to keep an eye on. One of those favorites is DNN which back in the day we once called DotNetNuke. Less than a year ago, DNN brought to market Evoq 8 which addressed modern day marketing needs for better customer engagement. Last week, DNN showed the industry the ongoing evolution of its product line through Evoq 9. The new release continue's DNN's journey to be more than CMS company as it reaches beyond websites to apps, devices, and other Internet of Things.

Evoq 9's goal is to deliver omnichannel publishing via a microservices architecture. To make this happen, Evoq 9 includes Liquid Content, a new Content as a Service platform that is delivered as a service via DNN’s cloud platform, Liquid Content Cloud. Features included in Liquid Content:

  1. A headless CMS to manage content
  2. A content analytics application to measure and analyze the impact of content
  3. A stateless API to access and retrieve content
  4. Delivery of services via Liquid Content Cloud, powered by Microsoft Azure
  5. The content delivery and presentation features of the Evoq CMS, including a library of 100+ visualizers

Because all Liquid Content features are delivered as microservices, DNN can publish weekly or daily updates to individual features. All customers will receive updates instantaneously, which provides enhancements and fixes as quickly as possible. One of the goals of these with Evoq 9 is for content creators to have better avenues to reuse quality content across as many content channels, screens, and devices possible.

According to Navin Nagiah, President and CEO, DNN, “Liquid takes the shape of the objects it’s placed in and flows around barriers and obstacles. Our vision with Evoq 9 is to transform your content into liquid. Your content becomes fluid and adaptable, and can easily be published to any channel.”

While most headless CMS platforms require developers to create front-end experiences, DNN leverages the longstanding capabilities of the Evoq CMS to deliver content without writing a single line of code. “Evoq is the head that’s attached to the headless CMS of Liquid Content. Customers will receive all of the content delivery and presentation features they’ve come to expect, along with visualizers and other new features,” said Nagiah.

“We’re bringing multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) to a CMS, which is quite rare in our industry,” said Nagiah.

Source: DNN Press Release