CoreMedia Launches New CMS for Media and Entertainment

CoreMedia recently announced the availability of a new content management solution tailored for the media and entertainment industry. The CoreMedia Solution for Media and Entertainment provides a comprehensive CMS solution for broadcasters, publishers and media portal providers to create and deliver highly optimized and contextual experiences for their online audiences.

CoreMedia Media and Entertainment SolutionAs the demand for anywhere, anytime access to content intensifies, media and entertainment companies are forced to constantly innovate and build their revenues through monetizing a demanding online audience — while at the same time reducing costs and consolidating their operational activities. With the CoreMedia Solution for Media and Entertainment, CoreMedia claims that companies can immediately enhance productivity and audience engagement while positioning themselves to uncover new revenue opportunities.

The solution combines CoreMedia’s best-of-breed, on-premise WCM platform with new capabilities and applications designed specifically to meet the needs of media and entertainment companies. Companies can also opt for cloud-based SaaS media and entertainment applications from CoreMedia partners Internet Broadcasting and T-Systems Multimedia Solutions that leverage CoreMedia’s CMS.

“Media and entertainment companies today are at a critical juncture — to be competitive they must reinvent themselves and radically adapt their business models to capture and monetize an online audience,” said Glenn Conradt, Vice President, Global Marketing and North America for CoreMedia. “Winners will succeed in redefining their marketplace with relevant and compelling digital content delivered with operational excellence. CoreMedia - with 15 years’ experience, its roots in media and now with the CoreMedia Solution for Media and Entertainment - is empowering online publishers to unlock the value of their content to build, expand and monetize a loyal and engaged online audience.” 

CoreMedia Solution for Media and Entertainment Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Deliver highly relevant online experiences – Contextualization allows content publishers to gain an understanding of the audience they want to reach, and deliver the right content to them in real-time, from articles to advertising to social engagement. 
  • Extend the life of content – Enables media companies to easily syndicate and repurpose content across multiple platforms and devices, substantially increasing value and visibility of content.
  • Centralize content creation and management– CoreMedia’s solution allows companies to publish content to multiple Web properties from a single, centrally managed content hub and editorial infrastructure - a huge benefit for those managing multiple brands and local presence.
  • Get to market quickly – The quick-start capabilities of the Website Blueprint empowers media and entertainment companies to quickly publish new Web properties, helping them to control implementation costs, ensure constant innovation and be responsive to new audiences.
  • Create a consistent experience across all channels – Audiences today are engaging daily with brands across multiple channels, using an assortment of tablets, laptop browsers and smartphones. CoreMedia’s solution enables companies to easily create and manage content from a central location and then optimize its delivery to each channel or device.
  • Create a community – CoreMedia empowers companies to create a social environment with their Web properties and leverage the benefits of this interaction with their audience. 

The contextualization capability of the CoreMedia Solution for Media and Entertainment is likely to be cornerstone for helping companies to attract loyal visitors to their site. “Context-aware computing enables companies to target and deliver relevant content to their target audiences more effectively and therefore build loyalty. For media and entertainment companies in particular, incorporating this capability into their online strategy is a business decision they cannot afford to pass up,” said Mick MacComascaigh, Research VP, Gartner, Inc. “Whether it’s on the tablet, smartphone or browser, the new reality for the industry today is that the right content must be delivered to the right audience at the right time or profit margins will suffer.”

CoreMedia Solution for Media and Entertainment Components: 

The CoreMedia Website Blueprint is a rapid website development “best practices” framework that provides pre-configured tools, templates and advanced features for out-of-the-box deployment. Created specifically for media companies, the CoreMedia Website Blueprint builds upon the best non-proprietary features from successful projects on high performance customer websites and leverages the following product components:

  • CoreMedia CMS platform – CoreMedia’s enterprise-grade WCM platform that enables companies to create a more relevant, engaging and “contextual” online experience by delivering the right content, in real time, to the right audience touchpoint, including websites, mobile devices, tablets and TV sets.
  • Adaptive Personalization Module – Allows media companies to create personalized Web experiences on any platform or device based on behavioral, situational, historical and social audience data.
  • Adaptive Device Delivery Module – Created in partnership with Sevenval,a leader in mobile and multi-channel Web technology, the module automatically optimizes and delivers contextualized content, images and videos to over 18,000 clients. 
  • Social Media Integration –CoreMedia’s social software enables companies to facilitate the discussion around their content and engage with their audience on a highly interactive level using one of the most scalable social software capabilities on the market.

“Digital publishers in broadcast media require innovative solutions to help them build their businesses,” says Elmer Baldwin, President and Chief Executive Officer for Internet Broadcasting. “They — and their advertisers — want a deeper, more personal connection with their audience. They operate high volume, frequently updated, dynamic content channels of news, information and entertainment. Partnering with CoreMedia allows us to offer our media clients an easy to use, reliable and affordable SaaS-publishing platform. CoreMedia enable us to provide a highly integrated, modular product to drive a media company’s digital growth.” 

About CoreMedia

CoreMedia is a leading provider of Web Content Management (WCM) software to organizations demanding engaging, context-driven online experiences for their customers regardless of channel or touchpoint. The company’s WCM suite offers unique business value by seamlessly integrating digital and social media assets, increasing editorial productivity and accelerating time to market in complex environments. As a result, businesses can more effectively execute their online strategies to engage users, build customer loyalty and ultimately drive greater revenue and profitability.

Established in 1996, CoreMedia is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, with offices in San Francisco, London, and Singapore. CoreMedia’s clients include global brands, such as the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC), Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Bertelsmann, BILD, CLAAS, Continental, EPCOS, Deutsche Telekom, Internet Broadcasting, O2, and Singapore Press Holdings.

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