Bryan Ruby: Winter Blogging is Coming

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Bryan Ruby: Winter Blogging is Coming

Fri, 10/18/2019 - 05:56
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Summer is a distraction. While promises of consistent blogging are easy to make here in South Dakota when temperatures are below freezing, the true test of a blogger is spending time in front of the computer when the warm sunny skies of summer are on us. The successful blogger is one that posts consistently and routinely throughout the year. The ideal blogger puts the readers first before himself or herself. Regular readers of my blog already know this but for the record let me state it anyway, I'm not that blogger.

My blog posts were far and few between this past summer. With no regrets, I traded that blogging time for probably the busiest and greatest summer of my lifetime. Weeks of experiences that wouldn't have been seen if I spent the same time with keyboard under my hands instead of a walking stick in my hand.

My summer started with trips to Norway and Iceland with the family. The summer continued with countless Can-Am Spyder rides across seven states. As the summer months waned, my family and I did our usual camping trips in nearby and far-away state parks. All this happened within the backdrop of working a demanding "day job" in government IT. In summary, I couldn't have experienced any of the experiences I listed, if it wasn't for my ability to walk away from the computer and disconnect from a digital lifestyle. But as the title of this post suggest, with colder temperatures now returning to my part of the world so does my blogging schedule.

I'm not a big fan of editorial calendars (I feel like I'm a caged animal when I follow a blogging schedule), but to get out of my rut of non-blogging I'm going to be following one this winter. If you wish to follow me, the three websites to watch for my posts include,, and I plan to consolidate my social media usage (more on that later), but I'll be relying on Twitter as usual plus a couple alternative ones when appropriate.

Three...Two...One...Blogging commences now.

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Editor's Note: Over the summer we've merged Bryan's personal twitter account with this website's twitter account (@socpub). While the mixing of personal and professional social media accounts aren't always advised, we think it's the right move for us in our long-term efforts to diversify the content here at socPub.