Bryan Ruby: Out with the Old, In with the New

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Bryan Ruby: Out with the Old, In with the New

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When you need to hear a new sound...

This past month I replaced a line of Hi-Fi speakers I've listened to and enjoyed for the past 20 years with a pair of new floor speakers from Klipsch. It's an acknowledgment that my hearing and tastes have changed and it's time to listen to my music through a new stereo system. This recognition of needing to do things differently has become a common theme for me lately. I'm finding the old ways aren't working and perhaps joy can be found again by doing something new. With this theme on change, instead of blogging only when I'm inspired by great ideas or events, I decided to blog every few days as I take part in the 100 Days to Offload challenge.

The 100 Days to Offload challenge asks the question, can you publish 100 posts on your blog in a year? The idea with this campaign is if you write enough posts, the need to wait and publish until you have the perfect article is lessened. The emphasis is to not worry on whether you are writing something good but instead just that you write and publish something. Quit judging your own work on whether it is publish worthy.

For those that have blogged successfully and found an audience, we often get into the trap of trying to perfect our writing to a level that actually isn't achievable. This failure at perfection in turn can become a road block to writing future posts. Worse, when you focus so much on writing articles only for your audience there is a tendency to lose the joy of writing to your most important audience member, yourself.

So here I am at at the beginning of a new adventure by writing my very first article in hopes that you and you will be reading the 100th article at the end of this adventure. Let the year ahead tell us how the story goes...

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