Big Blue, Drupal, and Open Source

The online magazine CMS Wire recently posted an article titled, "Feeling Blue, IBM Courting Drupal". In the article, author Scott Frangos writes:

Hot off the gossip wire: IBM is falling for Drupal. Hmmmm. ECM leader IBM has developed a series of nine tutorials for Open Source CMS Drupal. And as it turns out, Drupal runs rather well on IBM Linux servers while plugged-into IBM’s DB2 Express-C database. The final tutorial covers just exactly how to do that.

I'm not sure why IBM liking Drupal would really be considered gossip or rumor. The Drupal community has been aware of the IBM developerWorks series focusing on Drupal for some time. In fact I even wrote about the IBM-Drupal "buzz" last July here at CMS Report. However, don't let the mention of gossip distract you from Mr. Frangos' otherwise fine article. The article does a good job of summarizing to readers why IBM and business may want to use Drupal for their next Web content management system.

I have a feeling that this CMS Wire article is just the first sign that the mainstream media is about to pick up on the continuing interest with Drupal. I always find it interesting that when big business does start using open source products, it is usually only then that the media will take notice. The general media doesn't really begin to focus on open source projects such as Ubuntu (thanks to Oracle) until the guys in the suits begin talking about the projects.

Is it a necessary milestone to have big business adopt the open source projects such as Drupal in order for the projects to evolve? Part of me says yes, the other part hopes no. Either way, if the IBM-Drupal articles continue to be written, the "outsiders" will likely look at Drupal and its community a lot differently in 2007 than they have been in current and prior years. That's good or bad news depending on your perspective.