BerkeleyDB support dropped from MySQL 5.1

Although MySQL 5.1 is still in beta, I have a feeling it will be making the headlines this week in many of the IT related publications. MySQL has officially dropped support for the BerkeleyDB engine. The following release notes for MySQL 5.1.12 (beta) may be of interest to BerkeleyDB fans:

Functionality added or changed:

  • Incompatible change: Support for the BerkeleyDB (BDB) engine has been dropped from this release. Any existing tables that are in BDB format will not be readable from within MySQL from 5.1.12 or newer. You should convert your tables to another storage engine before upgrading to 5.1.12.

However, Brian Aker of MySQL has already responded in a few blogs letting users know that the changes do allow for the BerkeleyDB engine to be returned to MySQL through a third party plug-in:

Yes we have removed the BDB engine from MySQL. If you look at the patch removal, I did it in a way that will make it easy for someone to add it back in as a plugin...

...If we kept the engine in our tree, then someone needs to jump through hoops to give us patches. Now that we don't ship it, its easy for someone to pick it up and support it without dealing with MySQL. If it was well maintained the door might even be open for us to consider shipping it like we do other third party engines.

We now return to normal programming...