Beginners Guide to the Best Content Management Tools

CMS Puzzle

Content that is produced online becomes a source of driving traffic. Online content is key to the success of every business. To be in the top searches and to be in the top trends, fresh content has to be produced that the audience loves.

Managing all of that content can be a very tiresome task for a business. For enterprise business teams, it can be close to a nightmare if they have to sort out content creation, scheduled publication, planning and executing. The content needs to be cutting edge and be planned and executed seamlessly along with the pile of spreadsheets and meetings.

This is where content management comes handy. Thanks to technology, companies have developed softwares that help businesses manage their content. A content management system is a set of tools that support the creation, modification and publishing of content online. It may store data on a cloud-based storage and support collaborative working environment. A system that manages content usually makes it easy for you to sort out publishing on web pages, manage formats, edit history, index and control versions.

While these tools make work real easy, it should be known that management can’t be done without some razor sharp time tracking that contributes to landing all those invoices in time. Combining both things can help your business stay up to date and brush away worries which occur in the manual time tracking/ content management hassle.

With that being said, let’s look at some great content management tools that can help you be the ruler of your domain name:

1 - Wordpress

It is extremely necessary to put Wordpress on top, because it has a huge user base and that too for a good reason. What makes it even more worthy is that it is an open-source software that literally anyone can acquire and use. Bloggers and businesses alike find relaxation in Wordpress dashboard because it has all the content management solutions for them at one place. The portal has hundreds of widgets that can be installed and used according to whatever your needs are. It is the world’s most popular system because it is easy to use and has a value. Updates are easier, scheduling is easier and categorizing is easy as a breeze.

2 - Joomla

Another popular system that is trusted by millions of businesses worldwide. Joomla has an interactive interface which helps a lot when you are dealing with content. It is an award winning content management system that enables you to make powerful applications and websites. Like Wordpress, the popularity of Joomla has a lot to do with open-source access. Corporate sites, Online magazines, Corporate intranets and extranets, school sites, church sites, personal sites, ecommerce and business sites - you name it. Every field in business can make Joomla a partner for easy content distribution with trust.

3 - Drupal

Drupal is also an open-source and free content management system that is mainly known for the flexibility in usage. It is a stable, high performance platform that helps those who have some technical expertise already in the field of website management. It means that people who aren’t that technically sound may face some challenges while using Drupal, because it doesn’t offer beginner-level tutorials.

Moreover, it also doesn’t have a lot of themes like Wordpress does. It is free, and according to them it will always be - so one can never fidget about choosing Drupal as a partner in their content management journey. Drupal basically gives you an integrated framework which helps in making the digital experience flexible. So many themes, modules and add-ons make it a must-have for your business.

4 - Content DJ

This tool is a curation software that puts your content on your fingertips. Just enter a hashtag or an RSS feed in ContentDJ and it will provide you with top-level content that will engage your audience. It puts all of the social media tools on one page so you know where you are sharing the content. It gives custom color coding options for managing lists. Although it is a paid service, you can avail the 14 day free trial to see if it fits your needs.

5 - DivvyHQ

This software simplifies your content management process by eliminating all the spreadsheets from your life that make focusing difficult. No more overloaded inboxes because DivvyHQ takes over to help you plan out and see when to publish what. Their interactive dashboard gives you an easy access to a quick snapshot of due dates, projects completed and pending projects. Any size of team can be managed with this tool so managing the idea is not hard at all.

6 - Genially

Genially is your solution to your content access and monitoring needs. Infographics, slides, presentations, videos, etc. are made to enrich websites and Genially makes sure your creations aren’t lost in the mayhem of traffic. It has great tools to share your work on online platforms so you can just add a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram account to Genially and share the same content on multiple platforms at one time. Good thing is that you don’t have to be a tech savvy programmer to operate Genially. Anyone can have a go and create visually appealing digital resources. It has a limited free trial version and then you pay to unlock the full features.

7 - CoreMedia CMS

This is a great tool to create high performance, multi-channel content. They have online support structure and 24/7 live reps. CoreMedia saves your content on the cloud. Their expertise is spread globally, and with the interactive dashboard it is easy for a beginner to operate daily publishing and curating tasks. All your digital assets can find a home in this content management system so that it is easy to combine content, commerce and context that is understood by the audience.

Whenever the question about a good content management system is raised, there should be a prompt that says ‘to each his own’. This is literally the deal with any CMS nowadays. With a variety of businesses having different needs, one software can’t satisfy all. World-class softwares are there, but before you go to choose one by word of mouth, determine the type of service you need. Content investment is a big deal so choose wisely. Here is an additional list of 50 best CMS tools online.