Agility January 2014 Release improves sync and status

Agility Inc. just released a new version of their content manager, version "January 2014". Most of the improvements in this version of the Agility CMS focus on the backend. Highlighted features include improved synchronization updates for Agility.Web as well as improved content and page status bar notifications.

Below are some of the details offered in the Agility January 2014 Release Highlights:


Synchronization Updates - The "live server" now communicates better with the backend Content Manager to more accurately display the synchronization status of content using the Status Bar and Sync Status Report

Content Manager

Content and Page Status Bar Updates -  The Status Bar has been updated to show more accurate information around content synchronization including how many items are still in progress and how many items have been published. Improvements in the Status Bar include notifications for "publishing", "publish complete", and "publish partial error".

Status Bar: Publishing 

Publish Complete

Status Bar: Publish Partial Error

New Sync Status Report - The Sync Status Report found in Agility > Reports > Sync Status has been retooled to offer an overview of your synchronization status across all of your webservers. This particularly helpful for monitoring publishing across multiple web servers.

A New Web Server State -  Agility now has 3 states for Web Servers. Maintenance Mode has been added to address web servers which still require publishing to be active, but need to suppress any related errors to Content Manager Users. Previously, there was only Active and Deactivated.

Additional features and details found in Agility CMS January 2014 can be found in the full release notes.