Agility CMS updated with December 2015 Release

New Agility Media and Documents feature within text editor

A few days ago, the Agility CMS Team released an update that includes new features and bug fixes. This is the first update since the "big upgrade" threee months ago when Agility introduced a significant rebuild and redesign of its content management system's interface.

Among the bug fixes, probably the most annoying one to me was a bug that prevented users from being able to delete a linked content item from within grid view. Previously, a user was required to click on the "Edit Content" button in order to remove an item. Before the fix, the work-around was sufficient but annoying due to the changes involved in the expected workflow. Overall though, as a user of the Agility CMS, I've been pretty impressed how much Agility got right in the redesign that the waiting time for the fix was acceptable to me.

Updates in the Agility CMS December 2015 release include:

  • Media & Documents:  The "Choose Files" fly-out has been updated with a "New Folder" button. This fly-out appears when a user chooses to upload and insert a new image within a Rich Text Editor, for example, or chooses to upload/insert an image within any module. This workflow improvements no longer requires the user to havie to leave the editor to create a Media folder.
  • Reports: Reports that are available within the Legacy content manager are now available in Beta, including: Recent Changes, Ready to Publish, Domain Status and Configuration Status.
  • Save Validation: The Save Validation pop-up has been updated to include an itemized list of all fields that have been edited but not saved.
  • Publishing Improvements: The Agility CMS Team has implemented various updates to improve publishing within the content manager. Publishing issues that were reported to us by users have been resolved, and now publishing is more seamless and speedier.

Highlights of bug fixes in this new release includes:

  • Deleting Linked Content Items: A bug that prevented users from being able to delete a linked content item from within grid view has been fixed.
  • URL Validation: Users now have more options for URL validation when linking URLs within Agility CMS.
  • Re-ordering Pages: This latest release resolved an issue encountered while moving pages within the page tree.
  • Multi-Language Copying: Users have reported that they have encountered issues when copying content from French to English (and vice versa). Copying between languages is now easier.
  • Status Bar Sync: Users were encountering issues with the status bar, as it was updating to a published state before a page or content item's sync was complete. Now the status bar does not update until syncing is complete. 

Image Source: Agility