7 Reasons Why Threads is a Genuine Existential Threat to Twitter

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7 Reasons Why Threads is a Genuine Existential Threat to Twitter

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CEO branding expert cites why Threads is uniquely well-positioned for dominance

With the new Threads social media platform on the rise—destined to reshape how we communicate, promote brands and engage with each other—an exciting new era is underway. According to Threads early adopter and internationally-regarded CEO brand strategist Raoul Davis, CEO of Ascendant Group Branding, a leading global CEO branding firm and No. 1-ranked minority-owned U.S. PR firm, “Among the launch of numerous social media platforms over the years, none have been as strategically positioned for success as Threads.”

Here are Davis’ seven reasons why:

1. The Perfect Storm for Threads

Amid the constant changes on Twitter, Elon Musk's tumultuous leadership and Mark Zuckerberg's decision to open Threads without waiting for potential bugs to be eliminated and a simplified sign-up process, Threads emerged. Its explosive growth of 75 million users in just the first four days, and with sustained user signups in droves now over 100 million, can be attributed to a perfect storm of events leading to a considerable shift in the social media landscape.

2. An Open Platform for All

Threads triumphed by making their platform accessible to all, contrasting the invite-only approach of Spills and BlueSky. This strategic move not only attracted the masses, but also allowed Threads to overtake their competitors, who mistakenly replicated Clubhouse's model that thrived on exclusivity and a unique, voice-based interaction format during the pandemic.

3. The Better Alternative

Despite the flak Zuckerberg has taken over the years, it's clear that he benefits from being compared with Musk. As Threads rises, it seems Zuckerberg is seen as the more favorable alternative between the two by the public, particularly beneficial for CEO, personal and company brands seeking a more stable and predictable platform.

4. A Breath of Fresh Air

Threads brings a refreshing air of positivity, offering users a fresh start away from the negativity often associated with platforms like Twitter and Facebook. This positive atmosphere is particularly beneficial for both CEO and personal brands that thrive in a constructive, engaging environment.

5. A Smooth Transition from Instagram

Threads' smart move of allowing users to sign up with their Instagram accounts and inherit their follower base has eased the transition for many users. This user-friendly approach gives Threads a significant advantage in quickly establishing an active and engaged user base.

6. Marketplace Readiness to Embrace the Early Adopter Mentality

Most users missed the initial surge of platforms like Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. However, Threads offers a new chance for users to get on board early and capitalize on the platform's growth. This opportunity is especially crucial for brands wanting to establish themselves as thought leaders and influencers.

7. An Alternative for Facebook's Aging User Base

With Facebook losing popularity among younger users, Threads appears to be a timely alternative. While the threat to Twitter has been a central talking point, it's important to note the strategic advantage for Zuckerberg to create a fresh alternative to capture the fading interest from Facebook's aging user base.

Now just a short period post-launch, Threads has attracted over 100 million users as Twitter traffic “tanks,” demonstrating a remarkably strong start and marking its true potential as a “Twitter killer.” However, the real challenge lies with sustaining long-term user engagement, as well as addressing issues that have caused users to sour on other platforms such as spam, harassment and false claims. As it stands, Threads offers a promising alternative for CEO and other C-Suite, personal and corporate brands as well as every day social users seeking a fresh start and an exciting new platform for engagement.


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