5 Ways to Improve Fan Following on Instagram

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5 Ways to Improve Fan Following on Instagram

Tue, 06/26/2018 - 07:10
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Did you know that Instagram has 800 million and more monthly users and skyrocketing engagement levels? Statistics also show that 80 percent of users follow a brand on this photo-sharing site. Therefore, if you have a business and want to gain a massive fan following on Instagram, you will need to start sharing, liking, and commenting on your followers’ posts. It’s easier said than done. To grow your fan following, you need to research online. It calls for your time and effort. Now, you will find many fly-the-by-night agencies that claim to increase your fan following on Instagram overnight. Do not believe in them for a second. Read up online literature to grow a massive following on this photo-sharing site. However, to make your job easier, here are five tips to boost your fan following on Instagram:

1. Post Live Videos and Instagram Stories

Besides sharing your brand images on Instagram, you can also share stories and live videos. This way, you can create eye-catching content to engage your prospective customers and increase fan following. Try videos for its many benefits. Video engagement grows faster than average photo engagement. When your brand is live on Instagram, you will become visible in the stories feed. Did you know that 68 percent of marketers are keen on creating more Instagram stories this year? 250 million and more people use the photo-sharing platform daily.

2. Post Your Content Every Day

Take some time out to study how frequently you must post on Instagram. It is important to increase your fan following and growth. Studies show how often you must post images, videos, and stories on Instagram. Based on studies, Instagram business profiles posting more than seven times in a week, they gain more likes and followers than those posting occasionally. Post daily and increase the frequency of your posts from one to six times in a week. This way, you can double the number of likes and followers. Get the best results by posting once or twice daily. Based on Instagram’s algorithms, consistency is the key to success and gaining visibility and appearing at the top of the timeline. If you keep posting on a regular basis and your content has good engagement, Instagram will position your content closer to the top of your followers’ feeds.

3. Like and Comment on Images that Relates to Your Brand

When a user likes your product image and posts a compliment, you would want to give him back something in return. This is how things work on Instagram. The best way to make people visit your Instagram page and view your content is easy. All you need to do is like or comment on a follower’s page. If you do not have the time to like and comment round the clock, use Instagram automation tools. It will help your followers to follow you back on this platform and like or comment on what you post. They may also follow you and buy your products or services. However, you must like and comment on photos whichare related to your niche business. Take some time out and look for Instagram profiles that are relevant to your brand. Once you are through with this, like five or ten images. Make a couple of comments. Try this activity daily.

Connecting to accounts within your niche business will make the people interested in your line of products. They will like and comment on your content too. If you are a pizza brand, like and comment on pizza delivery business profiles on Instagram. Therefore, engage with the right audience. There is no point in liking or commenting on a jewelry business page if you are in the food and restaurant industry.

4. Keep Images Consistent with Your Business

Your business profile on Instagram is the extension of your brand. Therefore, post pictures that are relevant to your business. The visuals must tell your audience, what your company is all about without beating around the bush or posting irrelevant content.For example, if you have an online flower delivery business, post colorful, high-resolution images of flowers matching every occasion and mood. Your customers would love to know more about what flowers you sell and have a look at the pictures. Again, if you have an interior designing business, post bright, minimalist pictures of trendy living rooms that exude a sense of style, sophistication, good taste, and aesthetic appeal. To cut the long story short, post relevant photos that relate to your niche business. Consistency will attract the right audience to your Instagram page, who will love your brand and engage with it. When you post relevant images, you establish your authority in your industry.

5. Use the Right Hashtags

Use quality hashtags to let the right users see your content. This way, you will reach out to a wider audience base. You can target more niche customers based on your hashtags. Once your profile grows popular on Instagram, people can even follow your brand hashtag. Based on the findings of Simply Measured, Instagram posts having the right location and hashtags drive the highest engagement. You can grow a massive fan following using the right hashtags quickly on this picture-sharing site. Though Instagram lets you use 30 hashtags, for each post, we recommend that you use at least nine of them for driving maximum engagement. You can use free tools to get relevant, high-quality hashtags for your Instagram posts. If you have a fitness and yoga center, use hashtags like #fitness, #yoga, #meditate, #health, #workout, #acroyoga, #bodypositive, #asana, and more.

You can also create hashtags based on your social media campaign. When your followers use them, like or comment on their images, repost those, start a conversation with them. Use captions together with your hashtags to convey a thoughtful message. Use captions for your themed pictures.


To grow your fan following on Instagram, spend some time daily to study this photo-sharing platform. Respond to likes, comments, and follow a few users on Instagram. Create an enhanced social media experience for you as well as others. Start a conversation and keep it going. Use the aforementioned tips to gain more followers.