5 Tips for Developing Your Employer Branding Strategy

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5 Tips for Developing Your Employer Branding Strategy

Fri, 05/21/2021 - 04:28
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Talent acquisition and talent retention are the two internal pillars mimicking the process of customer acquisition and retention, both equally vital for your organization. Despite their relevance, somehow, many businesses still fail to build an actual strategy that helps keep employees happy and engaged. One particular approach that contributes to the overall success of your organization is employer branding. In the US and other thriving business regions, a company needs to brand itself not just from a consumer’s perspective, but from the perspective of a potential employee.

Do you have a clear employer brand developed and equally perceived and valued by your employees? Do your remote and contingent workers know how they create that brand alongside their on-site colleagues? What about culture? These are all vital questions that your employer branding strategy should answer. To help you create a strategy that will allow your employer brand to surface and thrive, we’ve collected a number of the most effective ideas you can use. 

Embrace employee feedback

In the same way you ask for customer feedback, your employees should be able to review your business on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter if they’ve worked for you for a single season, an entire year, or ten years. Their input can help you understand how the workforce perceives you and what you can do to make them feel more inclined to work for you again. 

Organize strategic employee conversations, but also make sure to send out anonymous surveys and polls from time to time. Your teams should be able to share how they feel about your business without holding back. 

Make everyone feel at home

The remote and part-time work culture can lead to division in your organization. If some employees, no matter if they’re there for good or on a seasonal basis, don’t feel like they belong, you might experience trouble attracting them in the future. 

In vast markets of immense work opportunities like the US, hiring with culture and inclusivity in mind is essential. Companies are turning to programs provided by professionals like the CXC Global in America to make sure they are able to retain top contingent talent and boost their reputation in the process. It helps with cutting costs, but even more importantly, it helps your business stay in the spotlight for workers of various skill and expertise. 

Provide ongoing training 

Recruiting educated, motivated, hard workers is a challenge. What’s even more challenging for a business in this competitive climate is to retain such employees if you stagnate as an organization. Part of your employer branding should focus on what you can do for your employees, and most of them want the opportunity to develop and grow. 

Emphasize regular training opportunities for your employees. They will not just be happy to participate in order to improve their own skills, but they’ll also appreciate the investment on your part. Make sure that all your workers, remote and contingent alike, get the same opportunities. This kind of equality and transparency built into your branding will elevate your standing in the industry.

A dedicated online presence

Your website is a window of opportunity for more than just your customers. It’s the ideal platform to promote your values as an employer, showcase your most successful employee stories, and attract top talent in your industry. In addition to your website, your social media pages should serve the same purpose, but only if you’re ready to create dedicated strategies for such a task.

  • Create a good Careers page on your site to show what you’ve got to offer to your workers, locally as well as abroad.
  • Build compelling content with your employees – videos, blogs, interviews, social media posts, you name it. Use that content to tell people the story of your brand in the role of the employer and talk about your unique value proposition as an employer.
  • Use ads on social media to push your jobs, and add employee reviews to make them more appealing. 

Measure and evaluate on the go

Glassdoor and other employer review platforms have become the norm in the US and across the globe. You cannot hide from bad reviews and poor employee experiences, so it’s no use trying. Your best bet? To invest time in continuously tracking and analyzing your reputation as an employer, both inside your own offices, and online, on third-party platforms. Your retention rate is another KPI speaking volumes of the relevance of your brand identity. 

If you constantly need to hire new people for one and the same position – you need to rethink your entire employer brand strategy. If people are happy to stay, you need to learn what inspires them to stay and promote those values when you’re looking for like-minded individuals to join your organization. Where do most of your happiest/least happy employees come from? There’s another pointer as to where you should look for your workers in the future. 

Continuous development is a natural state of things for any business wanting to steal the spotlight. In the emerging business crowds, to achieve such an ambitious goal, you need to be prepared to define your brand from more than just a customer-facing perspective. The time has come for you to take your employer brand identity seriously, present it to the world, and let your most loyal employees become your employer brand advocates in your stead.