5 Marketing Tips to Keep in Mind When Starting a New Business

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5 Marketing Tips to Keep in Mind When Starting a New Business

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 06:49
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It’s the dawn of the entrepreneurial age, and as global economies are, for the most part, digging themselves out of the proverbial dirt, we can see new business ventures popping up all across the online and offline realms. This opportune growth environment has prompted aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their own companies in search of entrepreneurial superstardom, yet that doesn’t mean that long-term success comes easy in the overly-competitive business world – quite the contrary.

As any successful business leader will tell you, this begs the need to market your business from the very start, and effectuate compelling marketing strategies that will attract the modern customer to your doorstep. Alas, marketing is not easy, so to help you put your brand on the map, here are five marketing tips you should always keep in mind.

Being unique pays off

In a sea of monotony and faceless corporations, can you really afford not to have a unique brand identity? Not really, and in fact, failing to build an inspiring brand your audiences can connect with on a deeper, emotional level will be your ultimate undoing. That might sound overly ominous at first glance, but it’s only because you should take the problem of brand creation seriously.

Your brand needs to stand out in every possible way and give your marketing strategies something meaningful to communicate to your audience. With that in mind, focus on the following:

  • Brand-building starts with the creation of your identity. You can build an identity by coming up with unique values that are truly relevant to the modern consumer and in the modern world in general.

  • These values will allow for the creation of your brand’s unique tone of voice, as well as its stories and messages. Your audience should associate your tone of voice with your brand immediately, and the messages and stories you create should bring true value to the customer.

  • Rather than building an identity around your products, build it with the customer in mind – focus on striking an emotional cord and establishing a trustworthy relationship with your demographic through compelling storytelling.

  • Lastly, derive your brand’s visuals from all of the above. Let your logo portray your brand in the best possible light, and let your visuals leave a long-lasting impression on your visitors.

Keep tabs on your competition

The fewer competitors in your niche, the better, right? Not necessarily. There is always a way to capitalize on a certain situation, and making your competitors work towards the long-term success of your company is definitely one of them. You see, there is always something to be learned from other successful companies in your field.

Learning from successful brands gives you an opportunity not only to avoid common entrepreneurial pitfalls yourself but also to improve their tactics and marketing strategies. Keep a watchful eye on your competition, adapt your approach, put your own spin on it and craft memorable marketing campaigns that drive engagement.

Marketing is expensive – act accordingly

Nobody ever said that devising and effectuating marketing strategies is easy work, but what everyone should definitely warn you about is that marketing is expensive. So expensive, in fact, that many modern entrepreneurs invest their personal finances just to get the message out there. Don’t be that kind of entrepreneur.

Rather, secure your finances early on and budget your marketing strategies accordingly. When you do find yourself in need of cash to roll out a marketing campaign quickly, consider finding fast loans online instead of risking your livelihood and putting your own money forward. Remember, marketing is expensive, so don’t let the bills catch you off-guard but rather manage your finances accordingly.

Build your brand with SEO in mind

Search engine optimization is the name of the digital marketing game, and if you think that your brand is going to get itself on the online map all on its own, you’re going to be very surprised. And not in a good way. The way to get your brand in front of the online audience is to appeal to the search engine gods and craft all of your content with SEO in mind.

To make all relevant search engines like you and put your website above the rest in the SERP, you should:

  • Build a strong content strategy and craft compelling stories for readers and search engines.

  • Focus on crafting in-depth articles that bring true value to the reader.

  • Label all of your images properly.

  • Add relevant links, references and citations from reputable sources.

  • Craft unique and relevant titles and subheadings

  • Implement relevant keywords in all of your content.

Focus on creating social media buzz

Last but not least, your marketing strategy needs to be shareable across the social mead world. This is where you’re most likely to find the bulk of your audience, and it would be a terrible waste if your brand didn’t try to reach the three-billion strong social media demographic. Plus, social media management is relatively inexpensive and you could do it on your own if you have the time.

Firstly, you will need to discover your most relevant platforms and set up business accounts. Make sure your brand’s identity is consistent across all channels, and then continue to create a strict posting schedule. Optimize all of your content for every platform and focus on driving engagement by communicating with your audience.

No matter how opportune the modern entrepreneurial scene might be, there are numerous obstacles on the road to success. As a brand-new company, you should focus on crafting powerful marketing campaigns that will propel your brand towards a prosperous future.


Excellent article Raul.

'Build your brand with SEO in mind' is absolutely true for startups. Instead of spending money on advertising in the beginning, startups should always think of growing organically in the beginning and once they start seeing some revenue flowing in, they can start investing in paid ads.