5 App Development Tips to Help You Avoid Disaster

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5 App Development Tips to Help You Avoid Disaster

Wed, 04/01/2020 - 07:11
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Are you a wizard in the wacky web world?

Are you a newbie with an exciting app idea?

Are you thinking of tapping your wand in app development too?

Let me tell you, in plain and simple words – app development seems easy only in the labs. It is when you step into the game yourself that you realize that it was nothing but a smokescreen. You have to work hard and ensure that users enjoy a seamless experience. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a newbie. You can come across troubles that you never knew existed.

A report published by Fortune shows that 75 percent of app downloads open an app once and never come back. 

And that’s not it.

Another report reveals that 80 – 90 percent of the apps are abandoned only after the first use. There are plenty of reasons why some apps do not turn out successful, while others bring millions for developers. It is not about expertise anymore. Instead, it is about user experience.

When you’re competing in a market where several apps are launched in a single day, you must make sure that your app offers the best services compared to its rivals. There’s no other way to achieve success. Scan through the following five tips to ensure that your app doesn’t end up as a disaster:

1) Research

Merely being a copycat brings no rewards in the app regime. Your idea has to be catchy and innovative. It should solve the problems that users are facing with out-of-the-box approaches. You should think about creative ways to inspire users.

Here is the list of things you must search before you design an app:

  • Search for trends on Google
  • Study questions being asked on forums like Quora
  • Check top apps to know the solutions they are providing
  • Conduct polls among prospects
  • Take the help of Google Keyword Planner
  • Use tools, such as AppTweak, to check out the competitive apps

A thorough insight will help you figure out if your idea will work or not. It will also enable you to fix the features within your app to maximize success potential.

2) Scale for masses

Your app must be scalable enough to ensure it has users all across the globe. Although it is essential to retain customers from your vicinity, expanding to masses is never a bad idea. It will be a significant boost to your reputation, and your Return on Investment (ROI) would be massive.

When you design it for the global audience, pay attention to the following:

  • The speed and reliability of current customers should not reduce
  • The speed and security for users all over the globe must be at optimal levels

In this process, you have to decide whether to opt for a native or hybrid platform. If you can get a clear idea about the scope of your app, your success is guaranteed.

3) Improve engagement

Remember, it is not the download number that determines the efficiency of your app. For you to stay on top, you must work on improving in-app and external engagement. It will help to ‘retain the users’ and generate the right word about you in the market.

A study by CleverTap shows that a good 50% of all the users who uninstall your app will do it in the first 4 to 5 days. Perhaps, because there is something off-putting about your interface or they feel like the app doesn’t strike the right cords. Regardless of the reasons, the need of the hour is to improve engagement with your existing and prospective customers.

For existing customers, you should integrate a system to send them notifications and real-time alerts to return. Also, insert chatbots where users can directly post their queries. Respond as soon as possible to satisfy them.

A survey by CleverTap states that personalized push notifications see a 9.06 percent higher opening rate than a general message. Consider using this tip.

As for the prospective users, filter them out and send them emails or pop-in ads now and then. Make sure you do not irritate them to the point of blocking you.

4) Ensure security

With the growing market and the increasing number of apps, the security features on an app are the biggest determinant of its success. If your app happens to have a negative reputation when it comes to security, you cannot make it big. So do not compromise on safety.

These are the tips that can help you to protect data within the app:

  • No distribution of sensitive data among third-party mediators
  • No exposure of passcodes on the interface
  • Educate the users about prevention and risks
  • No sensitive data in the backups
  • Clear memory at regular intervals

Pew Research shows that 60% of app users decide not to download an app after they realize the personal information they have to share. You can minimize the risks by asking for as little user info as possible.

Plus, you should also examine the algorithms of apps available on credible platforms that have a good reputation regarding security features. For instance, check out the app like Hookt developed by AirG. Its elaborate security feature ensures the users of AirG, spam-free experience.

5) Stabilize application signals

You can have a user in Asia and another one sitting at a pub in Chicago. Every country has its rate of app usage. However, everyone requires stable signals and optimum app performance. Your app should not have any speed and performance issues in any location.

The signals and coverage of the app should be strong in the home town. But it should be no less when moving away from the country radar.

If the speed decreases even slightly in any region, the users won’t wait a minute before uninstalling it and might also leave bad reviews. Consider the latest PubG craze. The game is so popular across the globe because of its consistently high-quality and speed across the world.

Verdict – keep disasters at bay!

If you’re a developer, your job demands you to stay in the learning loop – ALWAYS!

You cannot flick onto your next project and put the last one work on its own. Every app needs constant upgrading, marketing, and fixing. Consider each project as your child. Focus and nourish them. Soon, you will be watching your virtual kids roaring up at top ranks with golden reviews.

So, are you ready to jump on board? Let us know about your next app idea!