4 Common Mistakes of Small Business Web Design

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4 Common Mistakes of Small Business Web Design

Wed, 08/02/2017 - 16:32

Common mistakes that you don't want to repeat when you develop a small business website.

While the purpose of good web design is to make the user experience informative, useful, interesting, and enjoyable, it is quite common to find web developers tripping over basic design concepts that result in a negative impact on the ROI. Let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes that you must not make while developing a small business website.

Too Many Things Happening on the Site

Unless the user can immediately figure out what the website is all about, it is very likely that it will be abandoned for something more explicit. Often small business owners think that the user will never progress to the other pages so they tend to cram in as much content as possible on the home page. The result is clutter, slow loading, and a confused user. Try to only include vital information that serves to indicate what you offer and a clear navigation.

Too Less Happening on the Website

A diametrically opposite stance taken by many developers is a minimalist approach to website design. While it can definitely work when executed correctly, there are many websites that come across as completely cryptic, and users are left to draw their own inferences about the utility of the site. In these days when everyone is invariably in a hurry, there is very little chance of anyone stopping to explore a mysterious site unless there are some compelling reasons. Refer to my company, Las Vegas Web Design, to see some great examples of minimalist design.

Too Confusing

Another type of website that small businesses should definitely avoid inflicting on their users is the confusing website that does not seem to have any direction in its design. You will encounter a color palette that is completely random, a variety of images not related to each other, no distinct theme, and typefaces that vie with each other in their diversity. This sort of an outcome happens when the business owner does not have a clear brand identity. Remember, your website needs to convey a holistic identity and not come across as a medley of ideas competing with each other for attention.

Badly-designed Call to Actions

There are far too many small business websites that fail despite having content that is relevant and useful. This is simply because users are not able to figure out quickly how to either ask for more information, fix an appointment or even carry out a purchase transaction because either the CTA button is badly-designed, badly-placed or even absent in the locations that need it the most. You need to ensure that the CTAs are concise yet informative so that the user knows what to expect from the CTA click.


You should always make the customer the center of your universe in all aspects of your business, including website design. Simply by going all out to make the website visually appealing and easily navigable, you will be able to rule out most of the common small business web design mistakes.

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David Wicks is an award-winning graphics artist who has created some outstanding website design templates for small businesses in the retail, food, and lifestyle sectors. Get to see some of his works at https://www.lasvegaswebdesignco.com/.