10 Profound Reasons Why Nerds Rule Digital Marketing

Two girls looking - Photo courtesy of Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay

How do you spot a modern Einstein? Thick glasses, braces, tucked shirts in high-waist pants, walks fast and always slouching—these are the typical geeks that Hollywood presented to the world. But such descriptions do not hold true these days.

They are no longer just stuck in a basement inventing a time travel machine. They are no longer just looking at a blackboard trying to solve the most complex math problems. There are also digital nerds, and they are as cool as the guys we hang out with on a Friday night. These tech-savvy individuals rule what we now know as digital marketing, which is practically a nerd’s world.

Digital marketing, such as those services provided by Propelrr, has opened doors for so many talents. It’s an industry that is a melting pot for all specialties—marketing, branding, web design, analytics, creative writing, and business development. This type of marketing is not just about tweeting and hoping for the best. It takes a true lover of innovation and marketing to be an effective digital marketer and a true-blue digital nerd.

There are many reasons why they rule the world of digital marketing. Here are some of them.

1. They are perpetually curious

Nerds will never just take your word for it. They like to try things themselves. Whether it is a new gadget or a new marketing strategy, nerds would like to experience them firsthand. They love running experiments. If they succeed or fail, they want to know why. If one website drives more traffic that the other websites, they want to know why. The next person sitting next to them dyed her hair purple, and they want to know why. Their curiosity is simply insatiable.

2. They live for innovation

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Their face lights up when a new website becomes the talk of the town or when a new social media platform is launched. They live for things like these. They embrace change. They don’t shirk from it. One of the characteristics of a digital marketing nerd is always being two steps ahead in the game of innovation and they always reach the finish line first.

3. They believe that everything is possible

No, you can’t tell them that it can not be done. With the tenacity of Sherlock Holmes, they will find ways to make things work. If there’s something in your data that you can’t configure, they will get to the bottom of it. Give them a software and they will make wonders with it. Show them a boring blog and they’ll craft the best headline ever. To these digital geeks, everything is possible.

4. They use data, not intuition

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Traditional marketing owes gut feel and intuition a lot. Who’s to say that billboards actually increase profit? Who’s to say that TV ads targeted the right audience? A digital marketer, however, never leaves it to chance. They use and analyze data sets. They can measure success or failure. They work with KPIs and ROIs, and they can tell it as it is.

5. They are good team players

Photo courtesy of Ben_Kerckx via Pixabay

People in the digital marketing industry know that they are part of something bigger than themselves. They have to work with a team. Every digital marketing agency has a pool of talents that have to work together to pull off a good campaign. There’s a web developer, web designer, data analyst, writers and editors, technicians, social media specialists, SEO specialists, marketing managers, business developers, etc. The good thing about these digital geeks is they love being part of a team and do not mind lending a hand.

6. They are very flexible

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The digital world moves at an overwhelmingly frightening pace. Just as you are developing a marketing strategy for a particular social network, a new one comes along. Look at how the world of SEO has changed over the years—from keywords to content. One of the characteristics of a digital marketer is the flexibility to adapt change and thrive in it. They keep updated and remain open-minded.

7. They think creatively and critically

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Digital marketing has its fair share of critical and creative aspects and this explains why digital nerds rule the industry. They don’t just think outside the box, they live outside it. It’s not always a comfortable place but they don’t mind it at all. These geeks look at situations from a fresh perspective.

8. They know how to connect

Digital marketers know that they live in a connected world. Time zones and space do not bother them. Their world may be virtual but they know about people. They work with a pile of data and personas. They know about a market’s interests, lifestyle, and activities and they certainly know how to communicate with and engage them.

9. They never stop learning

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The fact that digital marketing is anchored on an ever-evolving technology industry. This is why digital geeks who have no problem being lifelong learners are what every digital marketing agency should be looking for. If they come across an interesting webinar, they sign up in a heartbeat. They read everything and they know how to listen. They don’t have a problem with smart people.

10. They laugh at themselves

No, they don’t take themselves too seriously. They have a great sense of humor and always exhibit the right attitude. As revealed by a Forbes study, nine out of 10 employees reported bad attitude as the reason for job failure. That’s why you’ll appreciate having digital nerds around. They consider puns as an art form. They have the coolest work desks adorned with witty stuff. They take a situation and create a meme out of it. Their sense of humor enhances their creativity and makes for a less tension-filled workplace.

The modern world is a nerd’s world and we are just living in it. We owe everything that we enjoy—digital media, social media, connection, and communication technology—to the nerds and geeks. And with the way things are going, it seems they will be leading the way for generations to come, giving us what we need and want in one click.