10 New Content Management Systems via CMS Focus

Our CMS Focus page lists the top 30 content management systems that we want to discuss most here at CMS Report. It has been more than a year and a half since I made any changes to this list and so I decided it was time to make some significant changes. On this page you'll now find 10 new CMS that have been added to the list as well as ten previously listed CMS that were "retired" to the "Hall of Fame".

The applications listed under CMS Focus are not necessarily the biggest and most popular in content management, but instead are CMSs that for whatever reason have caught and kept my attention. If you find value in the CMS Focus page then that's great news and I'm glad I could help. If you find little value in lists such as these, that's fine too and I hope that you can find other content here at CMS Report that at least plays a role in your quest for a better CMS solution.

For those curious, the following ten web applications were added to CMS Focus:

In order to make room the new entries, I also removed ten web applications from CMS Focus and place them into our Hall of Fame.  All these applications are fine pieces of software for what they are designed to do and are still worth a look in my opinion. However, our focus continues to shift to better information systems and retirement for some of these applications is long over due. I either found myself not interested in covering these applications or very few readers appeared interested to contribute to the discussion of these CMSs here on this blog: