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Our Purpose

socPub was founded in 2017 and covers a number of topics including content management, marketing strategy, information technology, information systems, social media (which some would call social publishing), and technology.

This site is an evolution of the popular content management focused website, CMS Report given our diverse interests in various topics. In 2017, we considered the changes we made as a rebrand from CMS Report to socPub. Since then, we have come to the conclusion that both socpub.com and cmsreport.com serve unique audiences and deserve to coexist. In early 2022 we also introduced a third website focused on after the day's job is done, the After Work Pub.

socPub will remain our "flagship" website focused on information technology from an information system perspective. How do we make an IT product or IT service better? How do we better connect with our users, workforce, and customers? What goes into the workflow and business processes to make this all happen? Where is the magic?  Answering these questions takes a community of good people that we associate with whether they be the developers, analysts, marketers, creatives, or the business leaders in our industry. socPub has always been a place to post articles covering these business-minded topics.

We've also established a new Twitter account for this site at: @SocPub.

Guest Authors

Our general guidelines for contributing articles to this site is that the content must not give the reader the impression that it is advertisement. The article should be written in American English. Links to other resources within the article are acceptable if reasonable in number and relevant to the article. We will moderate the article and if necessary edit the article before they are published. If any changes to the article are needed that is beyond minor editing, we will consult with you before I make the change or request you make the changes yourself. We hold the right to not publish your article for any reason. Additional details on the "rules" for submitting articles can be found in our Terms and Condition under "2. Responsibility of Contributors".

In order to submit your article, check our our Contact Us page.

Sponsorship and Advertisement Needs

Here is our message in bold and upfront: We do NOT accept paid content or paid links in articles. We will not respond to such offers.

What we do accept and need from you:

Individual Sponsorship

If you wish to support this website, please consider becoming a patron to our websites. Your support allows us to keep random advertisements at minimum on our pages. Your contribution will go toward maintaining our website as well as provide some incentives to our editor(s) to continue what they're doing. For the most part, our websites are a labor of love but if you do find value in what you read here, we do appreciate any financial support you can provide through our patron page.

Business or Corporate Sponsorship

For those wishing to advertise their business or service through a banner on our website, please offer a 30-Day Sponsor Patron tier. Our websites may be a labor of love but having sponsors let us know have something of value here. For your patronage, we'll provide our sponsors with a 300x250 banner space for 30 days on all three of our sites: CMS Report, socPub, and the After Work Pub. We will then need to contact each other so you can provide us an image of your banner. We'll also provide a SEO friendly link from the banner back to your personal, business, or company website.

Want to remain anonymous? Of course, if you wish to sponsor us without a shoutout and/or banner, that's perfectly fine too!

About the Editor(s)

Bryan Ruby, socPub.com

Bryan Ruby is owner and editor for socPub. He founded the site originally as CMS Report in 2006 on the belief that information technologists, website owners, and web developers desired visiting sites where they could learn more about content management systems. Since then he prefers to talk and write articles on a wide-range of topics that include marketing strategy, information technology, social media, software development, and consumer technology. Bryan continues to be an an active member in the content management and information technology community.

Outside of the late night blogging hours, he is the Information Technology Officer for a field office in the federal government. Prior to working as an information technologist he spent a decade as a forecast meteorologist with expertise in severe weather and radar meteorology.

Bryan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Science from the University of Kansas and a M.S. in Administrative Studies/Information Systems from the University of South Dakota.

Away from the computer he enjoys his family, bicycling, motorcycling, camping, and the outdoors. Besides this site, you can follow Bryan at Twitter and read additional articles by him through his personal website found at BryanRuby.com.

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History of this Website

socPub's Milestones

April 2006 - CMS Report is officially online with the traditional "Hello World" message. While CMSReport.com had planned to run on Drupal 4.6, gambles and runs the site using a beta of Drupal 4.7.

April 2007 - Our first book review, Pro Drupal Development, ushers in an onslaught of CMS related books (such as for Joomla! and Plone) from publishers. No one catches on that we're so cheap our photographer for those reviews was a three year old. The point is our connection with open source communities began with these book reviews.

January 2009 - CMS Report migrates over to Acquia Drupal and Acquia Network.

April 2010 - CMS Report goes to DrupalCon - San Francisco and meets lots of Drupal enthusiasts. For the next several years, both CMS Report and socPub are invited to attend, write, be on panels, and be moderators in various CMS and IT related conferences including CMS Expo, Liferay North America Symposium and  CMS-Connected's "In the Spotlight" segment.

September 2012 - CMS Report migrates to the Agility CMS utilizing the Agility Magazine Publishing Suite.

December 2015 - Still known as CMS Report, the website begins a Deconstruction Project. A tear-down, build-up of the website removing what doesn't work (including the removal of around 2000 articles that no longer held value to the reader). This marks the beginning of transitioning CMS Report to socPub.

February 2016 - Bryan Ruby says goodbye to CMS Report as a writer. Continues managing and editing for the site.

April 2017 - CMS Report becomes socPub and runs on Drupal 8. Five years of articles are written with many contributions from both the development community and business community.

January 2022 - socPub.com is now running on Drupal 9. Not only that, but CMS Report returns and After Work Pub is introduced.