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CEO of Generis, provider of CARA, a fast and highly configurable UI for Documentum, Alfresco and Oracle WebCenter

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CARA v3.5 for Documentum

Integrating third party applications into Documentum has become easy with the CARA Hub.  Integrate information or UI components of external systems (including data updates) using a mixture of ExtGWT components, RESTful Web Services or simply JSP - enabling users to use CARA as the single UI to access multiple applications which form part of a business process.  Also leverage full CARA customization through the same mechanisms.

Oracle WebCenter Content Management gets a new user interface - CARA

Oracle WebCenter Content just got a great companion product – CARA from Generis, an Oracle Gold Partner. CARA is a web-based interface on top of WebCenter Content and it provides both a high-performance / high functionality end-user experience, as well as a full suite of configuration tools that allow you to build a business use case for Oracle WebCenter without coding.