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Evangelist of the unroole - cloud-based web development platform of the new era of multichannel content distribution

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unroole adds Bootstrap to its list of starting points

This week unroole added a new ‘starting point’ website for their users built entirely with Bootstrap components. unroole ‘starting points’ are a convenient and efficient way for launching full featured websites with a single click. They come packed with configurable widgets, building blocks of web pages, and Blueprints for pages from which pages can be cloned.

5 features of a modern CMS

At the beginning of 21st century, the open-source CMS started to enjoy widespread popularity, which in turn helped open web content creation to a larger group. Within this group of content creators, a variety of skillsets and end goals existed, which meant different CMSs ended up targeting and occupying different niches of the market. Drupal became a solution for websites that needed a more complex structure, so they developed their core features to satisfy the needs of complex content organisation and user roles.