mojoPortal Released

A new version of mojoPortal is out and about. The developers consider  the release of mojoPortal a "significant release with lots of new goodness". New features and improvements in this version include Windows Llive Writer support, IOS 5 support, and forum enhancements.

The following is a more detailed list of improvements in mojoPortal

  • Improvements to Windows Live Writer support. A completely new implementation of metaweblog api with new support for Creating and Editing CMS pages in addition to Blog posts.
  • Support for Windows Azure AppFabric cache and new guidance for hosting mojoPortal on Windows Azure.
  • New button in Add/Edit Pages (aka PageTree.aspx) to resort child pages of the selected page alphabetically.
  • IOS 5 support for rich text editors: Use of WYSIWYG editors CKeditor and TinyMCE is now possible in IOS 5 devices.
  • Default roles for new root level pages has been promoted from a web,.config setting to site settings.
  • New permission for Roles That Are Allowed To Set Page Level Skins (when page level skins are enabled).
  • File Dialog used in the editors now shows meaningful messages when a user's file system quotas prevent upload
  • Updated to jQuery 1.7.1 and jQueryUI 1.8.16 when using the Google CDN.
  • Webstore improvements: 1) There is a new provider model for OrderCompletedEventHandlers that allows developers to plugin custom code that will be executed after payment clears on an order. 2) It is now possible to checkout in webstore with a zero balance.
  • Forum improvements: 1) New setting to copy the posting user on the notifications. 2) New setting to suppress email notifications when a user edits an existing post. 3) New setting to limit the timespan in which a user may edit his post.

mojoPortal is available now on mojoPortal's download page. Information on this page was provided via the official announcement.


The developers of mojoPortal have recently released a new version of their CMS, mojoPortal Some of the new features include:

  • A new Flickr Gallery feature
  • A new User Sign In Module that can be put on a content page such as the home page
  • A new scroller setting in the Feed Manager to enable a scrolling news ticker
  • Some improvements to the List/Links feature including a new introduction that can be used to place html above the list and a new option for non-ajax paging
  • Database authentication and LDAP - a new config setting for fallback to LDAP if database authentication fails. This allows scenarios where your internal users such as content authors can login with their LDAP credentials while still allowing public users to register and sign in with database credentials.
  • A new option to disable CSS caching while designing by clicking a button that sets a cookie to disable it. The previous way of of disabling it from config still works but this new way may be more convenient. You will find the button under Administration > Advanced Tools > Designer Tools
  • Upgraded to CKeditor 3.4.2
  • Updated Italian resources
  • Bug fixes for things reported in the forums since the previous release including several fixes in the SQL CE data layer and the Firebird data layer.

The latest version of mojoPortal is available on the site's download page.

CMS Made Simple Wins the 2010 Open Source CMS Award

CMS Made Simple is the winner in Packt Publishing's Open Source CMS Award category of the 2010 Open Source Awards. CMS Made Simple has won this Award for the first time in the past five years, having been a presence in the Award since 2007. Packt also announced  SilverStripe as first runner up with MODx in the second runners up position.

I had the privilege of sitting as a judge in this year's Open Source CMS Award category. My vote was a little different from the official award ranking where I would have placed mojoPortal, another 2010 award finalist, in a runnerup position.  I may have been the only judge that may have ranked mojoPortal in the top three positions. As I've done similarly in past years, in the near future I'll post how I judged the finalists in this category. However, it is now CMS Made Simple's well deserved moment and I won't take the spotlight away from them with my personal ramblings.

Attached below is the official press release I received from Packt Publishing announcing CMS Made Simple as the winner of the Open Source CMS Award. Congratulations to all those involved int he development and support of this great open source CMS.

Finalists in Packt's 2010 Open Source Awards announced

Packt Publishing recently announced the finalists in each of the categories for their 2010 Open Awards. While award categories for content management systems are still included, this year Packt is also adding additional flavors of open source projects to be judged. The new award categories include awards for most promising open source project, e-commerce applications, graphics software, and JavaScript libraries.

mojoPortal Released

A new version of mojoPortal was released today, version The most significant change for this release is the introduction by the developers for their support in using html templates generated by Artisteer to make skins for mojoPortal. Two new skins made with Artisteer templates are included in this release as well.

The new version of mojoPortal also includes additional changes:

mojoPortal Released

The latest version of mojoPortal focuses on improvements to the Newsletter as well as some upgrades for rich text editors and search engine optimizations (SEO).

mojoPortal improves the Newsletter feature as follows:

  • Users can subscribe to Newsletters without registering on the site.
  • A Newsletter Sign Up feature has been implemented so that you can put it on any page(s) you like and configure it with various settings to control what is displayed.
  • Each newsletter can be configured whether to opt in by default when a user registers on the site.
  • Each newsletter can be configured whether to allow viewing previous editions as a web page. If your newsletter has compelling content, browsing previous newsletters may encourage more subscriptions.
  • A progress bar so you can monitor progress as the newsletter is sent to the list.