CMS Focus: CMS Report's Top 30 Web Applications

Note: Currently this page is being published for historical purposes only. 

In an ideal world, we would love to cover every content management system available here at CMS Report. Since your time and our time is finite, we have instead chosen to limit the number of CMS applications focused here to no more than 30 applications. CMS Focus is meant to include today's web content management systems thus this list does change over time to stay relevant.

The applications listed in this section are not necessarily the most popular in content management and may not meet everyone's requirements for a CMS. Instead the content management systems that make up this top 30 are what we consider Web content management "game changers" or "attention getters". The list does include a few enterprise content management systems, but this CMS list is geared more toward the small to medium size organizations as well as individual site owners.

How to get CMS Report to talk about your CMS does not request nor accept money for the purpose of listing or reviewing a particular CMS. Although it is free to be listed under "CMS Focus", it isn't easy to make this list.

What is the criteria we use for selecting a CMS to place under the CMS Focus list? First, the application has to add something we haven't seen in a CMS before that raises the bar for content management. We really have no interest in replacing a CMS with a CMS that doesn't do more than the ones currently listed.  Secondly, there has to be a good level of synergy in the development community and the user community supporting the CMS. We know for some vendors and analysts that sounds strange, but if your current customers and developers aren't excited about your CMS then why should we be? Third, conversation via blogs, user forums, and RSS news feeds should be taking place somewhere at the official site for your CMS. If your website has no new news about your CMS, then it's almost impossible for sites like CMS Report to cover your CMS.

Articles regarding a particular content management system get posted on this site by two significant groups of people. Those two groups of people that have the power to getting an article onto are you and us.  If you want to help bring notice to your CMS then help persuade me either through comments or by submitting your own stories to

CMS that don't make it to our CMS Focus List

If you are looking for information about a CMS that is not listed under CMS Focus, it doesn't mean we don't cover it. We post articles on a variety of topics related to content management, information technology, and information systems.  Try doing a search for the application and see if we've covered it in the past. Also, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask that we spend some time covering the application in the future.  If you're interested, I'm interested.

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Posted June, 2006