What Does the Future Hold for Mobile App Marketing And Mobile Advertising?

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What Does the Future Hold for Mobile App Marketing And Mobile Advertising?

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 01:24
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With this ongoing trend, it has become difficult for mobile app development companies and other businesses to deny that smartphone and mobile applications have genuinely increased business opportunities.

Smartphones have changed our lives in a big way and mobile applications have become an important part of our work. Smartphone industry and mobile application industry have witnessed a huge increase in the usage of the mobile devices and mobile applications, respectively. And, the number of users are expected to rise each passing day. The usage of mobile applications has made people rethink about how they operate and interact.

With this ongoing trend, it has become difficult for mobile app development companies, such as my company Mobisoft Infotech, and other businesses to deny that smartphone and mobile applications have genuinely increased business opportunities. With the help of mobile applications, many businesses have improved their performance in the market and positioned themselves on top.

Mobile applications are helping many businesses grow along with the market. Mobile app marketing has attained a different level along with the increase in mobility. Mobile advertising, which is a major part of mobile app marketing, has also given multiple new opportunities to the marketing experts in India and other countries.

Marketing is a direct form of communication with consumers. It is a blend of multiple online and offline activities performed by marketing experts for the growth of your business. Marketing directly impacts the acquisition of new customers and selling of any brand’s products or services. This is a social-media dominated world where most of the companies have started following and applying advanced mobile app marketing and mobile advertising strategies to promote their products and services.

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Mobile app marketing needs a lot of creativity and analytical approach to execute the strategies. As the mobile marketing strategies keep on changing, we have come up with some of the latest marketing trends that will help your business in creating new business opportunities:

1. Personalization And Engagement With Your Customer: Customer engagement plays a vital role in the growth of your business. Personalization can also be considered as Business-to-Consumer marketing (B2C). There are several big companies who are majorly involved in creating buyer personas with the help of social media data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It allows your business to engage with targeted consumers on an individual level.

By applying these strategies, a business can attract a focused audience by giving them personalized feedback. As a business, you need to use relevant content and information on the mobile applications. And, for customer acquisition, the marketing experts need to apply some creative strategies by understanding what consumers are actually seeking.

2. Content Marketing: Content is the backbone of your business. Online content marketing has the power of bringing revolutionary changes in your business. Content marketing is a strategic marketing technique that allows a business to create and publish their own business-related information on the web. It helps your business in customer acquisition by attracting targeted audiences.

Content marketing strategies can vary from one business to another but it serves the same purpose to all types of mobile app builders in India. Content marketing strategies can do wonders for your business if applied in an appropriate manner.

3. Mobile Advertising: Mobile advertising is another cornerstone for your business to achieve. These days, most businesses prefer “mobile-first” when launching new products or services. We all know that smartphones have become the primary choice of users as mobile-generated traffic has taken over the desktop.

In this era of the smartphone, you can easily utilize mobile marketing strategies for business development as it is the most feasible and approachable technique. With the help of mobile marketing, you can perform several online activities such as location-based marketing, in-game mobile marketing, app-based mobile marketing, mobile search advertisements, etc.

4. Automate Your Marketing Strategies: When you grow as a business, you will find new business rivals at certain levels in the market. So, in order to stand against the competitors, you need to create compelling marketing campaigns utilizing relevant content for your business audience. Apart from this, you can also automate your marketing strategies as per the growth rate of your business.

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Marketing automation is the technology to be used for automating your business marketing strategies. It offers numerous software and platforms where you can easily automate your business’s marketing processes such a customer segmentation, consumer data integration, campaign management, etc. You can also create engaging live videos and teasers for brand promotion. Marketing automation offers more channels for your brand as it comprises of email marketing, digital advertisements, social media marketing, etc. Marketing automation is utilized by many mobile app development companies.

5. Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is an online form of marketing that utilizes social networking sites as a marketing tool. This online form of marketing is engaged with numerous social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. to achieve marketing communication and branding goals. With the help of social media marketing, you can personalize with your customer and enhance user engagement. It helps in getting direct feedback from the user.

Social media marketing is a dynamic technique that helps your business to reach end-users across the world. Social media helps your business to directly interact with your customers and allows them to ask questions or any product related queries. This personalized aspect of the social media marketing is known as Customer Relationship Management.

Benefits Of Mobile App Marketing:

  • Cost-effective: Many businesses are thinking of leveraging the mobile app marketing platform because it offers enhanced opportunities and helps in driving performance. It allows businesses to use mobile advertising which has become mandatory for mobile app development companies to cater among the end-users. Moreover, it is really cost-effective when compared to other traditional aspects of mobile app marketing.

  • Helps In addressing targeted audience: Smartphones have become the best medium to reach the targeted as well as end users. A creative mobile ad can engage the user and sometimes encourages them to share it within the friend circle or in between family. The mobile advertisement also encourages free publicity on social media that can eventually help in increasing product sales.

  • Build customer database: When a customer decides to opt for mobile advertisement, then the business can use that specific information for customer retention and loyalty marketing. With the help of this process, you can make sure that the customer will stick to the brand and utilize amazing deals and discounts.

Mobile Advertising:

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Mobile advertising is the form of marketing where the business needs to use several advanced and creative strategies for the promotion of their products. Mobile advertising is a process where the businesses are directly communicating to the smartphone users to promote their products or services offered through the mobile application. Mobile advertising can be considered as a major part of mobile app marketing.

A mobile application helps a business to directly approach the smartphone users and encourages them to utilize the services offered by the business. Mobile advertising can be performed in multiple aspects such as:

1. Mobile Video Advertising: Video advertising is the most prominent and fastest growing method of mobile advertising. Mobile video advertising is highly utilized by well-known marketers and advertising agencies to promote the services and products offered by the firm. With the help of mobile video advertising, you can develop ingenious video advertisements. Remember that these video advertisements should be supported by all major video formats which are very popular among the smartphone users.

2. Native Advertising: Native advertising is a concept where the marketing tactics match with the form and functionalities of smartphones on which it appears. Native advertising uses device-specific information. When it comes to in-app advertising, native advertising is very helpful in several social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

3. Mobile Gaming: Mobile gaming has a wide range of user-base. It has become the most preferred choice of mobile marketers and advertisers as it is a very supportive for in-app advertising. Gaming ad experience is considered as an efficient and effective way for in-app advertising.

4. Campaign And Application Promotion: With the help of mobile advertising, application promotion has become easier, especially for budding businesses. Creating new marketing campaigns have become very popular among all types of businesses. Marketing campaigns can help you in targeting the right audience at the right place. It is advisable to utilize authentic platforms to create, publish and share the marketing campaigns.

Businesses these days are also offering discount coupons, in-app purchases, etc. through their mobile application. Many mobile app development companies allow the users to communicate with the brand through mobile chats. It gives a personalized feel to the user and allows them to ask queries, requests additional services, etc.

Mobile advertising can have a great impact on your business if you are applying these aforementioned strategies in an appropriate manner. It lets you interact with the user directly and also allows you to focus on targeted audience.

The first step towards mobile app marketing and mobile advertising, for any business, is to know your customer. It helps you in creating and planning your marketing strategies accurately. Not to mention, that smartphones have become the necessity for users and businesses. It is also emerging as the most preferred marketing tool by various marketing experts.

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