Version control: The CVS or Subversion question

I have been keeping an eye lately on two version control systems, Subversion (SVN) and Concurrent Versions System (CVS). My sudden interest in version control is due to a project team I'm on for my organization. The team is in the early phases of project management and needing to pick either CVS or SVN. At this time we are leaning toward SVN.

I'll admit, I have some hesitancy to commit to SVN. The reasons for my hesitancy likely has more to do with personal reasons and likely less organizational needs. Some of my favorite open source project, including Drupal, are still using CVS. I'm not sure we'll be using Drupal for this project, but there are bound to be some open source applications we end up using where the code is still stored on CVS. If the developers of the open source applications are using CVS, perhaps there is some validity in choosing CVS over SVN.

Regardless, it is hard to ignore the popular trend of moving to SVN for some of it's more "modern" features (so I've been told). A number of developers in my own organization have also mentioned there own projects either using SVN or in the process of moving from CVS to SVN. However, it doesn't seem to be an easy decision as I have seen a number of posts lately indicating the internal struggles that go with making such a decision. For example, Paul Reed from Mozilla, had this to say about a possible move by Mozilla to shift their code off of CVS and on to SVN:

Is the Mozilla Project switching to Subversion? There have been many discussions in the past few months about the version control system that the Mozilla project entrusts its code to. It's safe to say there's a desire from most of the community to thank CVS for taking good care of our source code - for the most part - and move into the 21st century...

...It's a project-wide discussion...But no decision has been made on which version control system to switch to, nor have any concrete plans (schedules, etc.) even been considered.

The decision by the project team I'm on to use CVS or SVN will eventually come with time. Meanwhile, I'll keep an eye on my own personal favorite CMS, Drupal, and see where their developers might be headed with regards to version control. If my organization does decide to go with a personal project I may see what I can do to help those in the Drupal community build better ties between Drupal and Subversion through modules. I just wish I wasn't lousy at programming and could help more than I do.

By the way, I'm open to any input others have on the subject of version control. This discussion of course can include other version control systems besides CVS or SVN.