Top Benefits Of Choosing Android App Development For Your Business App

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Top Benefits Of Choosing Android App Development For Your Business App

Mon, 06/25/2018 - 05:25
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According to the Statista report, 379.98 million Android phones were sold in the first quarter of 2017.

With an increasing number of Android phone users, the number of Android apps is also mounting at a great pace.

In March 2018 there were about 3.6 million apps available on Google Play Store and the current growth rate of apps is said to be more than 1,300 apps per day.

My intent behind mentioning these statistics is to enlighten you with the grand popularity of Android OS and Android Phones so that you will know why choosing an Android app development would be the best and wise decision for your business app.

Besides these statistics, there are several best advantages of Android app development that will further impress you and make you hire Android developers for developing your business app.

So let’s check out the list of top benefits of Android app development:

Bigger Audience

Due to the affordable price of Android devices, there is a huge audience for Android compared to iOS. This is an added benefit you will get when you opt for Android app development. You will have a bigger user base for your Android app and thereby have more chances to make the app successful.

Easy App Approval Procedure

Google Play store has a very easy process of app submission and approval. There are no strict policies as Apple App Store posses that refuse to approve any app which fails to obey its guidelines.

Less Investment and Better Outcome

As you know Android comes with fewer entry barriers, thus investing in Android app development would always be cost-effective.  Further, Android offers a completely free Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers thus the Android app development cost is significantly reduced. Developers just have to pay a one-time registration fee for app distribution. After which they can leverage any type of computing device to create and test the app on their Smartphones. Eventually, users have an interactive app and the startup acquires higher ROI.

UI Customization

User Interface is the primary aspect of any mobile app that decides whether the users would like that app or not.  A User Interface can either flourish your app or ruin it completely. If you are embracing Android app development, then you need not to worry about UI design. Apps built on Android platform are completely customizable and also easier to manage. This is because Google the inventor of Android is greatly focused on making customizable user interface so as to aid developers building custom Android apps for business. Android brings a broad collection of customization options. Since Android is an open source platform, it facilitates developers to transform their innovative ideas into reality and create interactive and unique apps.

You can Reserve the App Name

If you are willing to build an Android app in future but want to reserve the app name in advance, Google Play also makes it possible. You need to publish your app with your preferred java package name like “com.mycompany.myappname” and save that package name for your Android app.

Exploit Manifold Sales Channel

With Android, you have an opportunity to deploy your app in various ways. You don’t need to depend on one market to distribute your app. Moreover using Google Play Store and other third-party app marketplaces, you can produce your own sales and distribution channels. You create the app and also you publish it. As per your preference of promotional strategy, you can get to your potential users via manifold channels.

Wide Hardware Range

Android platform is compatible with diverse devices built by different manufacturers across the globe. The number of features available in a device can also be well utilized by developers. However, this requires you to hire Android developers who have the skill to build Android apps that can very well exploit all the device features.

Ease of Development

The development process becomes quite easier as Android apps are written in Java language which uses a good set of libraries. Anyone who knows Java language can effortlessly build Android apps. Many app developers state that writing app for Android is quite easier compared to other platforms.

Security and Distribution

Android comes with high-security assurance since in 2012 Google has introduced some key security fixes in the Android platform. Additionally, it has brought an address space layout customization so that it will be difficult for malware to place data structure and execute the code. Also, there is an automated system that sends an intervallic notification to users for decrypting their devices.


These and more other remarkable benefits of Android prove its worth in the app market and businesses. If you are looking for an affordable and cost-effective solution to build your next business application then Android app development is the best alternative you can go for. Further, if want to acquire most trending Android app development solution and need to hire Android app developers then get in touch with as we will help you out to fulfill all your requirements.