Time for a break from IT

I am going to spend this next week away from the computer. Between my "day job", this site, and working on some sites for others...I have been looking at the computer screen way too much. Meanwhile, the wife and kid have been looking at the back of my head for too long. It is time to enjoy the backyard and play some ball with the "boy".

I also think I'm going to also take a break from the online ads on the far right right side of the pages you view. With Drupal, all I need to do is toggle off the blocks that contain the advertisement and then "save blocks". It's as simple as 1, 2, 3. Someone will have to tell me if they like the layout better without the ads or if it really doesn't matter. What's your perception when you see a reasonable amount of advertisements at a site compared to a site with no ads?

I do have some ideas in my head that I've been wanting to put down in writing. After a week from my technology hiatus I may consider the following topics to write about:

  • Does your choice of CMS impact how far up you rank with the various search engines? It sure does and I've seen dramatic differences between my Drupal, SMF, and Wordpress sites. Some of the search engines appear to be looking at more than just content and links.
  • IT Stacks. Believe it or not, PHP can run better on Windows than it does on Linux.
  • Some of my newbie experiences with osCommerce.

So now it's time to turn this computer off and rest my weary eyes. To everyone...have a good week!