Technology Break 2011

As I have done each and every year in the summer, I will be taking my annual break from technology. Through the month of August, I'll be decreasing my postings and management of this site in hopes of using the time to broaden my perspective. I need to spend some time recharging my batteries and my enthusiasm for content management systems as well as information technology in general.

I won't be abandoning CMS Report, but I'm really hoping you will be seeing me a little less here during the next few weeks. As always, I appreciate help in any articles submitted to  If you want to really help out, create an account today and start contributing your own CMS stories. I'll be checking email, moderation queue, and social networks now and then for submitted posts to make sure you're not waiting too long to see your story published.

It is now time for me to unplug and officially begin Technology Break 2011. Have a good rest of the summer and see you on the other side!