Squashing bugs with Joomla 3.4.1

CMS Report doesn't usually mention software point releases that only fixes bugs and brings no features to the CMS users. However, I screwed up last month. I failed to mention the February release of Joomla 3.4. So let me make up for that oversight by mentioning the release of Joomla 3.4.1. With 3.4.1, Joomla's developers have resolved nearly 150 issues with Joomla 3.4. If you're curious to which bugs have been fixed, you can check out Joomla's list at GitHub.

As a reminder, the Joomla 3.4 release introduced new features into the CMS such as improved front end module editing, decoupling of weblinks, composer integration, Google new reCaptcha and security improvements by implementing UploadShield code which can detect most malicious uploads by examining their filenames and file contents.

Where can you get the latest version of Joomla? As always, links and instructions for downloading Joomla! can be found at Joomla.org.

Source: Joomla.org Announcements