Siteport Introduces New Connector to Move Sites off SharePoint

Los Angeles, CA – Mar. 18, 2014 – Siteport, a site migration software and services company based out of Long Beach, California, announces a new SharePoint connector to their suite of Content Management System (CMS) connectors.

“SharePoint was created primarily for internal use-cases,” said Diego Rebosio, Siteport CEO.  “However, many customers who also used it for their external-facing websites. They’re not finding it as flexible as the enterprise web content management systems on the market. For this and other reasons, many are deciding to move their sites and Siteport now gives them a quick and easy way to do so.”

Siteport’s SharePoint connector helps developers extract templates, content and tree structures from SharePoint sites and migrates them into a new CMS. Siteport’s automated, patent-pending technology means businesses can be up and running on their new platforms faster than ever.

“Siteport’s new SharePoint connector is ideal for those looking to redesign their website while updating their CMS,” said Rebosio. “By using Siteport to map your content from your old SharePoint templates to your new CMS templates to dramatically cut the timeline of your redesign project.”

See videos of Siteport’s SharePoint connector as well as other available connectors on Siteport’s YouTube channel:

About Siteport

Siteport is a software and services company dedicated to making migration across web content management platforms easy. Using automated migration software built on patent-pending technology, Siteport allows developers to migrate entire sites, or portions thereof, quickly and easily. For more about Siteport, visit